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Chad Prather and Glenn Beck reveal life's struggles, the impact of money, and the power of storytelling

Chad Prather

'The Chad Prather Show'

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On Monday's podcast, Glenn Beck sat in the "hot seat" on episode 65 of "The Chad Prather Show." The two conservative powerhouses spoke about their own journey in the radio, talk, and TV industry, the importance of storytelling, and the one thing in life that having money does change.

In this video, Chad explained his mindset back when he first started creating videos of him sitting in the truck running his mouth. His idea was to see how fast he could say what needed to be said in 60 seconds because in his mind, he did not think people would want to watch a "talking head" for longer than that.

"It's fascinating to me that people let me waste their time because I don't want to see me, I don't want to hear me," Chad said.

"When you understand how valuable your time is and your time is no more valuable than their time, it actually weighs on you," Glenn replied. "You are just like: Man, I am going to waste your time today and now I have guilt."

Chad explained that what's always set Glenn apart was the way in which Glenn spoke with conviction in everything he communicated to his audience.

Glenn described his start in Top 40 radio when he learned and studied his craft at age 13 but he later realized that being a "morning radio guy" was often nonsense that simply helped people get up in the morning and just "not him."

"I was a different guy," Glenn said.

Glenn described a battle with alcoholism that led to losing his family, fortune, and reputation, and that all he wanted back was his credibility.

"I wanted to be able to look a man in the eye and say I was telling the truth without question," Glenn said.

According to Glenn, because he was honestly soul-searching during the tough times he had experienced in life, he would not change a thing about his journey. He went on to say that his journey was the path to conviction.

Chad expressed his appreciation for Glenn and his transparency in speaking with conviction and still admitting his flaws as a man.

Can money destroy you?

Chad inquired about the ways in which celebrities are viewed by the public when they reach rock bottom, adding that the public does not get that people all experience the same struggles no matter whether they have "made it" in life.

Glenn explained that money only complicated life and highlighted the same problems in life.

"The only thing in life that money changes ... private air travel," Glenn said with a smile.

The two discussed the hurdles that came with having the kind of money that afforded them the opportunity to help others, and the importance of allowing others the opportunity to learn the principles to be successful in life.

The art of storytelling

Chad asked Glenn to describe the elements of storytelling and what needed to be done to recapture the art of storytelling.

"I would say the conviction of the storyteller. The fact the storyteller can see it and feel it. A good storyteller is someone who is a good observer," Glenn replied. "A good storyteller is someone who can internalize the story first and be able to connect and surf that emotion...if you can put that into words you have it"

Watch the full video below for the full interview.

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Who's the Boss? | Guest: Glenn Beck | Ep 65

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