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Deace: Time to confront the wolves

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When a Florida state attorney signed a public statement saying he would not enforce prohibitions on sex changes for minors or restrictions on abortion, Gov. Ron DeSantis proved himself worthy yet again, grabbed Thor’s hammer, and suspended the agent of chaos from office.

Complete with a police escort.

When the Tulsa public schools got drunk on BLM propaganda in defiance of state law, the state board of education downgraded the district’s accreditation to “warning” status, and Education Secretary Ryan Walters said it was time to talk about revoking the teaching licenses of those teachers who were more interested in grooming students than educating them.

And when the Linn-Mar public schools in my home state of Iowa approved policies — in the face of extensive public protest — that will allow students and faculty to create "Gender Support Plans" without parental knowledge or consent as well as punish students with suspension or expulsion if they do not refer to other students by their preferred pronouns, an organization called Parents Defending Education began helping a group of parents sue the district to remind them who is boss.

This, my friends, is the way. No mercy. Because none will be offered to you, says Nicole Neily, founder and president of Parents Defending Education.

“This is the most egregious policy I’ve seen, from coast to coast,” said Neily, a 42-year-old policy wonk and free speech crusader based in Washington, D.C. “All the conservative ivory tower groups need to understand that this isn’t just a California issue. It’s in Texas, too.”

To flesh out that point, Neily said that since starting her organization in March 2021, the tip line set up to help people report their stories of woke education hellscapes has ranged from 50 to 200 cases a week. One of the most common frustrations among parents is the realization that the system seems to be set up to thwart them the minute their opinion varies from the spirit of the age.

“You say the wrong thing at a school board meeting, and you are the neighborhood bigot the rest of your life,” said Neily, who is Japanese-American and the product of grandparents who met in California internment camps set up during World War II, thus highlighting the genesis of her concern for fundamental human rights. “When I got into this, I figured there were probably a lot of people in education who just didn’t understand they were violating others' rights, but my God, we’ve only seen them dig in when confronted. This is so much more extreme than I thought. Our children are the absolute last priority to these people, and I’m absolutely determined to hold them accountable.”

So far, so good in the two other cases her organization has brought to court in Massachusetts and New York, where policies were either changed or the case was dismissed in their favor. The Iowa case is being argued on behalf of seven parents who will be kept anonymous.

“People credibly fear retaliation against not only themselves and their business, but against their children from these [board members and school officials] who have never been punched in the face before because they are so used to operating behind closed doors,” Neily said. “These policies are unconstitutional. Full stop. It is such a betrayal.”

We need not wait for this case’s verdict, though, to make our own voices heard in our own school districts before things get as bad as they are in Linn-Mar, Iowa. Kids are being abused with your tax money nationwide by cultish enemies of the state who have become convinced that when they tell you 1+1=transgender surgery, you will likely let them get away with it.

Time to prove them wrong. Dead wrong. We do not show mercy to wolves. We cast them out and sleep well at night because of it. Otherwise, we may find ourselves in an internment camp before too long, as our chemically castrated children are stolen from us, body and soul.

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