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Horowitz: DeSantis takes another stand against transgender grooming of children. College Board throws a tantrum.
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Horowitz: DeSantis takes another stand against transgender grooming of children. College Board throws a tantrum.

To the cultural Marxists who run our education system, teaching transgenderism and anti-white hate is not a side dish in the main course. It is the main course – to the point that they believe a course should be canceled if it cannot include those items.

Last week, Kamala Harris went to war with Florida Gov. DeSantis over his revamping of African-American studies in state schools. Now the College Board is canceling AP Psychology courses for the coming school year because it can’t teach about gender fluidity. After all, there’s nothing left to studying the human mind if not delving into the mind of someone named Bruce thinking he is a Caitlyn. College Board officials announced they are canceling the course because, in their words, the Florida Department of Education “effectively banned” it.

“Any course that censors required course content cannot be labeled ‘AP’ or ‘Advanced Placement,’ and the ‘AP Psychology’ designation cannot be utilized on student transcripts,” the College Board said.

But in fact, Florida only objected to one topic of one of the nine units (developmental psychology (p.106)), in which the instructor would teach gender and sexual orientation. It is the College Board that is pulling the entire course in protest of this one restriction.

“Just one week before school starts, the College Board is attempting to force school districts to prevent students from taking the AP Psychology Course,” said the Florida Department of Education in a statement Thursday. “The Department didn’t ‘ban’ the course. The course remains listed in Florida’s Course Code Directory for the 2023-24 school year. We encourage the College Board to stop playing games with Florida students and continue to offer the course and allow teachers to operate accordingly.”

Indeed, the department notes that the other advanced course providers (including the International Baccalaureate program) continued providing the course in compliance with the department’s guidelines.

The fight with the College Board stems from a rule promulgated by the DeSantis administration in April 2022 prohibiting all classroom instruction on gender and sexual orientation through third grade. For grades 4 through 12, the instruction is also banned unless it is “part of a reproductive health course or health lesson for which a student’s parent has the option to have his or her student not attend.”

Even though AP offers college-level courses, the courses are given to high school students under 18 who receive credit for college and would therefore be subject to this rule. The College Board never thought that the administration would seriously implement the rule, but now that officials see they have targeted the chapter on sexual orientation within the psychology class, they want to protest by canceling the entire course.

This is what sets DeSantis above every other Republican and why we have not seen anything like this in a generation. It’s easy to rail against the radical left on the campaign trail. It’s even somewhat easier to legislate against it. But to actually implement a conservative governing agenda and be willing to challenge established fixtures in society like the top education curriculum organization and Disney are an entirely new level.

This fight with the College Board comes the same week that DeSantis’ hand-picked governing board of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District removed all of the unfair DEI programs that discriminated in hiring and contracting programs based on gender and race.

Other Republicans signing similar legislation would just remove the overt pornographic material or target uniquely obscene material from one school, teacher, or district. But DeSantis has taken this to the next level and is willing to categorically stamp out all references to this fallacy – even in the most prestigious courses.

If we truly believe that gender fluidity is destroying an entire generation of children, then we have an obligation to ensure that in red states, at a minimum, we are not teaching it in government schools. This is not just an issue of fairness in female sports. Civilization can survive without that. But civilization cannot survive if we raise and educate children in a way that grooms them into ideas that violate self-evident truths.

Have we ever considered the consequences of grooming 20%-25% of an entire generation – and rapidly increasing every year – to behave and identify in a way that will not lead to normal family structure or even human procreation? How is it that, according to the CDC, the number of high school students identifying as one of the sexual alphabet soup orientations jumped from 11% in 2015 to 26% just six years later?! Take a hard look at this Gallup survey of Americans who identify as the sexual alphabet soup by generation, and ask yourself how this can be natural in any way.

It is quite evident that this is a reflection of the education of this generation of children in recent years. It is 100% social grooming. Why are we OK with this occurring in red-state schools? Why are we willing to accept the same curriculum from the College Board that they have in California?

Once again, as we saw with Dr. Ladapo at the Florida Department of Health, DeSantis is willing to remake the department of education with like-minded people who will, in turn, rebuild Florida’s curriculum for the better. That way we don’t educate a generation of children to turn Florida into California in 20 years.

Too many people on the phony right in politics are obsessed with campaigning and election rhetoric. But what is the purpose of an election if not to get in office and actually govern? And how can you govern and drain the deep state unless you have the acumen, principles, and backbone to appoint like-minded people into “shallow state” positions to implement your agenda with ruthless efficiency – even in the face of identity politics from powerful interests?

Indeed, we don’t need any more talk show hosts. We have them in the thousands, yours truly included. What we need in every other red state and nationally is a statesman who will successfully implement what we all cheaply talk about.

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