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Horowitz: At this point, why even have a Department of Homeland Security?
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Horowitz: At this point, why even have a Department of Homeland Security?

In 2004, the 9/11 Commission staff report on terrorist travel wrote that “prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal” and that still, three years later, “border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy.” Nearly two decades later, with the Department of Homeland Security now openly facilitating rather than stopping an endless invasion at our border, isn’t it time to abolish the post-9-11 experiment? After all, at this point, the DHS can only be used against political dissenters among Americans, not to deter foreign threats.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Well, it’s now self-evident that the only thing the DHS can be used for is to infringe upon our liberty, not to protect our safety. Earlier this week, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported that there have been over 500,000 gotaways so far at the border. When added to last year’s estimate, it means that almost 900,000 illegal aliens have evaded detection under Biden’s presidency, in addition to the over 3 million apprehensions over the same time. In other words, since January 2021, there have been more gotaways – likely many dangerous people – than the population of San Francisco, and there have been more total illegal alien incursions than the population of Los Angeles.

The gotaways are particularly problematic because anyone who is scared to meet a border agent under this administration usually has a criminal record. And as noted before, there is strong evidence that we are undercounting the gotaways. The job of the DHS – between CBP and ICE – is to stop the invasion at the border and remove illegal aliens in the interior. Now the agencies are actively working to facilitate the invasion and disrupt any effort to remove even criminal aliens from the interior. The result? An unknown number of dangerous individuals have flowed through the border.

Just since Biden took office, the number of apprehensions of sex offenders has skyrocketed. It used to be exceedingly rare for Border Patrol officers to actually catch a convicted murderer at the border; now they are catching 60 a year.

But this is with agents tied down on babysitting duty and most criminals paying a lot of money to the cartel smugglers to successfully cross undetected. Given the new flow of criminal aliens and the cessation of removal of the existing ones, how many more criminals are now ravaging our streets during a time of record domestic crime?

A quick look at the past few years of ICE enforcement data reveals that ICE typically arrests illegal aliens who have a cumulative tally of 12,000-15,000 sex offense charges and convictions every year. That's an awful lot of sex offenders who have been deported in recent years and are likely trying to get back into the country while Biden is offering amnesty. Also, on the interior, Biden has slashed deportations. For fiscal year 2021, there were just 3,415 sexual assault charges and convictions among those targeted for removal. And clearly, given the increase at the border, it’s not because fewer sex offenders exist.

At this point, if you didn’t have a DHS, the states would be able to pick up the slack – both at the border and in the interior. We’d be better off without the feds. Now, their entire purview is centered around efficiently infiltrating the states with as many illegal aliens as possible, and they are offering more incentives to come. Last week, the Biden administration announced a pilot program to offer the invaders temporary ID cards, which will allow them to more seamlessly blend in to society as if they have some legitimate legal status. In other words, the DHS has become a conduit for the cartels and the smuggling operation, offering them free marketing just as they do for the American drug cartels, aka Pfizer.

The federal incentives to crash our border have gotten so bad than even deep-blue city mayors like D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and New York Mayor Eric Adams have complained about illegal aliens straining their city services. At this point, it’s clear that states – with their limited budgets – are much more incentivized to combat illegal immigration if we didn’t have the federal government standing in the way.

Which raises the obvious question: Why even have Homeland Security? So the TSA can violate rights and fondle people in airports while bringing in thousands of unvetted Afghans? So they can keep out tennis star Novak Djokovic for not getting the Pfizer juice while orchestrating and incentivizing an invasion at our border?

Remember, a police force is a double-edged sword. Once you no longer benefit from the security inherent in its existence, you are liable to suffer from its abuse. The DHS views political opponents as terrorists. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said on my podcast that in a recent DHS briefing with sheriffs, the federal official made it clear that those who think the election was stolen pose the greatest threat to the homeland.

So perhaps it’s time to call the bluff of those on the left. They want to abolish ICE? Let’s do them one better and abolish the entire Department of Homeland Security.

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