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Horowitz: Why is Bill Lee calling a special session for red-flag laws in response to transgender jihad in Nashville?
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Horowitz: Why is Bill Lee calling a special session for red-flag laws in response to transgender jihad in Nashville?

Imagine being one of the most trending red states in the country living under such a radical federal government. The realm of issues and ideas the state should be pursuing to protect its residents from our woke and weaponized federal government is endless – probably enough to consume special sessions all year. Yet Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is calling for a special session exclusively on liberal and gratuitous priorities, such as gun control, Medicaid expansion, and more funding for the health care system “transing” our kids.

First Gov. Lee called for a special session on Aug. 21 in response to a transgender jihadist attack on the Covenant School in Nashville. In a sane world, that session would have been designed to pass even tougher laws against altering females with testosterone, which has been proven to be a factor in turning troubled people violent. Instead, he is calling for red-flag laws and making the gun, rather than the nature of the perpetrator, the issue. That is the equivalent of erecting a Madrassa and a crescent symbol at the Flight 93 memorial.

As part of Gov. Lee’s proposal for the session, it would codify a recent executive order that makes changes to the Tennessee Instant Check System by supplying the National Instant Check System with background information – not only pertaining to criminal history but also mental health adjudications that could be reported to firearms dealers (and, of course, the FBI).

Then, of course, after gathering more information, his proposal contains the trigger of a red-flag law, enabling the state to red-flag individuals and target them for confiscation of their guns for 180 days without due process. In addition, his bill would require DNA collections for all people arrested for felonies, even if they weren’t convicted. Then, of course, like any good liberal Republican, he had to add Medicaid expansion programs to the red-flag session slated for August 21.

Bill Lee embodies the anarcho-tyranny mindset of politicians we’d expect to see in deep blue states. Cast a wide net on broad civil liberties without due process, but then let convicted violent criminals out of prison. In the irony of all ironies, at a time of grave concern that the FBI is targeting gun owners and political opponents, Lee wants to enable tracking and enforcement authorities that could rope in the very “low-level” offenses that he railed against the system for targeting his entire career. Lee once stated, “We can empty our jails in the same way that some other states have done.” So he believes in releasing violent criminals who have been convicted with due process, but believes in flagging people who have never had due process.

Ironically, this session is being pitched as an emergency driven by the Covenant massacre. But if we are going to respond based on that incident, shouldn’t we get a better understanding of what caused it? Bill Lee still has not ordered state law enforcement to publicly release the manifesto of the Nashville shooter so we can understand the background of the killer before we respond with a legislative solution violating due process.

What we do know, however, is that altering females with testosterone has correlated with shocking increases in violence, according to several studies. And we also know that there is a strong correlation with autistic children being vulnerable to gravitating toward the strategic grooming of the transgender agenda. The Covenant shooter, a female, was reportedly autistic and “transitioned” to a male. A 2020 University of Cambridge study with a large sample size found that those suffering from gender dysphoria had up to a 12-fold increased risk of autism. Another study form the Netherlands found that 20% of those who identified as having gender dysphoria were also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

That is not normal. Clearly, those with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders are more vulnerable, not surprisingly, to getting roped into the mental illness of gender dysphoria. The medical profession, particularly the mental health profession, grooms these children into validating the disorder and then mutilates their bodies rather than giving them proper neuropsychiatric care.

So if there is an emergency need to deal with gun violence built on the circumstances of the Covenant shooting, it should revolve around investigating why in the world autism has spiked from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 36, why transgendersim is spiking alongside it, and how it is strongly associated with suicide and homicide. Does it really take a genius to figure out that taking thousands of teens, particularly those already with mental illnesses, and spinning them up with hormones is not only a death sentence to the kids, but is dangerous for society as a whole?

We already see a long string of mass murders committed by people like that. A brand-new JAMA study, whose lead author, Sarah Jackson, works for the NIH, concluded, “Compared with cisgender men, TGD people were 3 times as likely to die from suicide or homicide. … Compared with cisgender women, TGD people were more than 5 times as likely to die from suicide or homicide.”

Commenting on the Jackson study, epidemiologist and cardiologist Peter McCullough recently said on my podcast that the media is trying to obfuscate the problems with castration by painting these statistics as an artifact of hate crimes against transgendered people. “In the context of mass murders, we are close to a half a dozen transgender individuals becoming the perpetrators,” observed the famed cardiologist who fought for early treatment during COVID.

“Remember autism is a neuropsychiatric illness, meaning there’s neurological and psychiatric aspects to it, and there are certainly outbursts of anger, inability to control various emotional states. Now add into this hormones, particularly the post-pubertal hormones, which are straight androgens or estrogens, that make even normal people irritable. So you can imagine having the neuropsychiatric disorder or some other related disorder and then hormonal manipulation creating this situation where it’s sad for everyone, because in these mass murders, many times the perpetrator loses their life as well, and I think the Jackson analysis is so disturbing that it increases mortality all the way around.”

McCullough pointed out that any other “surgery or hormone therapies that were increasing mortality, they’d be taken off the market.”

So instead of addressing these issues, Lee’s proposals will throw millions of dollars at the very hospitals and mental health institutions that are grooming kids, particularly autistic children, into gender dysphoria. It is the corrupt medical profession that is behind the drive for castration, along with the dangerous quest to alter kids with testosterone. This is on top of increasing concern that the pharmaceutical industry, with various interventions that have exploded since 1980, is also responsible in part for the meteoric rise in autism itself.

If members of the Tennessee legislature were wise, they’d hijack the session and use it as an opportunity to focus on the individual and societal dangerous of pushing transgenderism and cut off even more support within the medical community for anything that could lead to hormone treatment. They should also get tough on violent felons, including gun felons who already had their due process. That would represent true criminal justice reform, the only form of it Gov. Lee doesn’t like.

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