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Deace: In Iowa, a black woman stands up to the white, woke rage mob
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Deace: In Iowa, a black woman stands up to the white, woke rage mob

If you are a woke law professor like Berkeley’s Khiara Bridges, you get invited to Congress to insist that men can get pregnant while accusing those who disagree with you of transphobia and inciting violence.

If you are a conservative school board member like Iowa’s Whitney Smith McIntosh, your belief in two genders and insistence that pornographic material doesn’t belong in the school library earns you torches and pitchforks from the local mob outside Lot's house.

What these women have in common, though, is that they are both black.

Smith McIntosh is the first black woman ever to serve in the large and semi-rural Southeast Polk School District orbiting Des Moines. But since her critics are filled with rainbow righteousness, they need not worry about accusations of white privilege or systemic racism – even when one of them approached Smith McIntosh after a recent school board meeting and yelled at her until the police had to intervene.

Earlier in that same meeting, a handful of woke mobsters showed up to speak out against Smith McIntosh, who was elected in 2021, and demand that the district punish her or have her removed from the board because, basically, she dared to be black while Republican on her Facebook page and in appearances on local podcasts. So if this is sounding like the "burn the witch" routine from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," just wait, it gets better.

With the help of local depravity experts One Iowa Action, the Southeast Polk trans mob has now filed a formal complaint of “discrimination against LGBTQ students, families, and district members” with not only the district but with the Chicago Office of Civil Rights as well. Either you guzzle the Kool-Aid like they do, or else.

“It’s disturbing and sad to me,” said Smith McIntosh, 44, who is an Army veteran, was appointed by Gov. Kim Reynolds to sit on the Iowa Commission on the Status of African Americans, and ran for school board on a platform of parental rights and district transparency. “I’ve gotten a lot of supportive feedback, but nothing is going to change if I’m the only person saying things. Sometime in the future it is going to be your turn. You have to get out of the sandbox.”

Well, to the taxpayers of the Southeast Polk School District and decent people across Iowa, that sometime in the future is clearly right now. Because this is nothing short of a public lynching for no other reason than a black woman is deemed too dangerous to have her own independent thoughts, if they deviate from the current Spirit of the Age. Sure, castrate your sons or chest-bind your daughters and they’ll call it normal or even progress, but don’t you dare say you know what a woman is, like a damned biologist or something.

My goodness. Enough of this madness.

Smith McIntosh was voted in less than a year ago. Attempting to throw her out of office after a legitimate election with nothing but emotional, psychological, and spiritual derangement from a handful of Rainbow Jihad bed-wetters as the impetus is nothing short of a coup against sanity. Full stop.

The strides made to return the balance of power within school districts back to reasonable people, after decades of hijacking by fraudulent education voodoo, have been remarkable on the national level in the last couple of years. However, we would be fools to believe the forces of chaos won’t fight back, as they are now. There’s a reason why I call it “Satan’s youth ministry.” And we will pry our children from his cold, scaly claws. But pry we must! That’s why they are seeking to make an example of Smith McIntosh. They want you to believe that they and their collection of lies, despite anything else you may have been told, are the inevitable way forward.

It is way past the time to be polite with those who think such things. As the late, great Andrew Breitbart said, "This is war." All you have left to decide is whether Smith McIntosh or her rancid accusers will be the casualties in this fight. Pick a side. Ambiguity is for fools. We simply can’t co-exist with this. We should not. We must not. And it was never going to co-exist with you, anyway.

Let’s stand with Smith McIntosh and cast this darkness back into the abyss from whence it came.

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