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Chaos and cowardice are in a face-off for the future of America. It's time for an insurrection — of faith.
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Chaos and cowardice are in a face-off for the future of America. It's time for an insurrection — of faith.

What can we do?

"And here … we ... go!" — The Joker from "The Dark Knight"

All of us live on one of two boats now. Some of you got on the boat because you wanted to. Some were forced. Some of you have no idea you are even on a boat at all. Some of you built the boat. Some of you plan on going down with the ship if you have to. But whatever the back story, your future is anchored to a boat named either Chaos or Cowardice.

The one named Chaos is filled with those from the Left America. The one named Cowardice is filled with those from What's Left of America. Each boat is full of explosives and manned with a detonator that can take the other boat out as a means of propagating its own future. It's not just a Batman movie anymore. It's the here and now.

Two murderous rampages took place last weekend by madmen trying to get their hands on the detonator. El Paso and Dayton were the killing fields, where triggered young men loosely operating from opposite sides of the modern political concern nonetheless acted in the same indiscriminate manner by taking their malice out on the innocent.

This crescendo has been building for a long time now. It chillingly reminds me of how humanity not only didn't manage to get all of the violence and insanity out of its system after World War I, but merely laid the groundwork for increasingly resentment and hostility to be born out in another great war just decades later.

In our case, it is very likely we are entering the Round Two follow-up to the radicalism/hedonism of 1968, when the Vietnam War, civil rights, and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were paramount, but not addressed in a profound enough way to actually move forward. And in that stunted upbringing, which has nurtured so many of our paths on both a conscious and unconscious level, chaos and cowardice have thrived.

Chaos in the form of pagan progressivism has attacked the church, free speech, the right to life, and the reality of gender. You know, little things like that. And Cowardice has responded with too-smart-by-half elitism, hippy Jesus “don't judge" nonsense, flaccid GOP fetishes, and some good old fashion oligarching in the form of a judicial takeover.

Those boats may have been small at the beginning while many indifferently watched them putter around from the shore. But Chaos and Cowardice are both pirates. Neither simply lets you watch forever, which means that sooner or later there is no shore. There is no avoiding it all. There is only the boats. There is only the battle between them.

Chaos has put people on the boats by force, i.e. “Bake the cake, bigot." Cowardice has put people there via destiny. Because when “good" people stand by and do nothing, evil not only triumphs but is allowed to call itself good and turn the entire nature of reality upside down.

So what to do before one of these detonators finally goes off?

Rename one of the boats. Fast. It's called an insurrection. And it will take something not of this world to spark it, even though it may be tiny as a mustard seed to start with.

It's the one thing with which chaos can't contend nor cowardice can contain.


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