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The Des Moines Register has some serious questions to answer

The Des Moines Register has some serious questions to answer

"All my friends from left to right are ultra mad about this. Nothing unites Iowans quite like Stead Children's Hospital. DMR just stepped in a hornets nest." -- Twitter comment

If this is a remotely accurate portrait of the reality of the situation after the Des Moines Register publicly assassinated the reputation of a 24-year-old cancer-fighting do-gooder, who tweeted dumb things from a popular television show when he was 16, then that raises some questions that go way beyond where the newspaper's "investigation" of itself has left things.

Because as it stands now, I promise you: The editors at the Register simply hold their readers in contempt even more than they did before all of this.

Don't you plebes understand? They define what the standards are around here, not you. So they gave their reporter the Joker's old pencil trick for temporarily betraying their scam, and are now prepared to move on with their propaganda show as quickly as possible.

You can accept that, or you can get serious. If you choose the later, here's what matters: A group of adults called "journalists" sat around a room before this story broke and either couldn't comprehend, or simply didn't care that the above tweet would be the obvious outcome of their blatant skulduggery.

That leaves one question: what cultish obtuseness causes such a thing?

Why didn't they see the bigger picture of mercy and forgiveness and healing and hope? And what alternative bigger picture do they prefer instead of helping kids with cancer? Perhaps the same bigger picture that all but guarantees the Register won't report on the fact that puberty blocking drugs used on gender-confused children have now been linked to thousands of deaths.

The answer is clear: the Register's editors are rank propagandists, who have a narrative of progressive wanderlust to cast that requires making you aware of your grotesque white guilt and making mental illness (gender dysphoria) triumphant. Which is why even in the face of this public firestorm, they are still lying to you now.

There has been no mea culpa here.

If it were not for the now fired reporter's Twitter past, the Register clearly wouldn't have "investigated" anything. Its own headlines bore that out as they refused to stop writing about the money raised for the children's cancer hospital, while saying it happened "amidst controversy."

They did this even though they were mocked for it. Scolded for it. Subscriptions were cancelled for it. Because they are the ones who created this entire mess out of thin air.

But they didn't stop. Their contempt for you is clearly as profound as ever. They are proud of their persecution ring and they hope you choke on it.

Des Moines Register executive editor Carol Hunter's damage control is dripping in misdirection and false intentions. For this isn't about the paper's policies and procedures, as much as it's about dark souls that saw a straight white male violating their 1619 Project narrative by getting credit for showing compassion to sick kids.

So their primal instinct was to search out stupid and terrible things he posted as a teenager to destroy him. Lest he cancel their beloved Intersectionality Olympics by compelling America to see him by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

And when you hate the heartland community you cover as much as the Register does, you don't even bother scrubbing your own character assassin's social media past of its vile imaginings. Why worry about something as trite as integrity and intellectual honesty, when you're so convinced of your superiority? After all, a boot doesn't worry about being an honest broker with an ant, nor does a hammer with a sickle. So why should those who know what a terrible place America is treat the unenlightened still standing for the anthem like human beings?

Which is why sane Americans of diverse political persuasions should not comfort themselves with the belief this was some kind of outlier. Rather, the outlier was sane Americans finally rising up to confront it. May that be a trend, rather than another outlier.

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