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Liberals moving into your state? Don't retreat, convert them by doing this...

Conservatives must push back against encroaching liberalism as more liberals move to Republican states, threatening to turn them from red to blue

Though the trend has been going on for years, news on Thursday reconfirmed that Californians are fleeing their socialist dystopia — streets riddled with used heroin needles and the homeless' pungent feces — for the cleaner plains of Texas.

The same Texas that came within two tiny points of electing Beto O'Rourke, the anti-gun, dirt-eating hippy. I mention Beto for one reason: Texas is no longer red, it's purple. Even Republican leadership in Texas is worried they may lose control due to this changing demographic of the Lone Star State. But it needn't be that way.

Conservatives usually offer one of two options when faced with encroaching leftism:

  1. Complain
  2. Move

You can bet your Texas-shaped waffle iron not every Californian fleeing the sunshine and fecal state is a leftist. Many of them are conservatives following the second option above.

Why do conservatives just complain when liberalism is set to ruin everything? The one explanation I've heard for years, and the one I tend to live by myself, is: "Conservatives just want to live their lives in peace." Get up. Go to work. Come home. Take care of the 2.1 kids. Paint the picket fence white.

So how's living your life in peace working out? Is the left leaving you alone? Or are the family stick figures slapped on the back of the Honda Odyssey just not doing much in keeping the left from creeping into every single avenue of your life? How long before that same Honda Odyssey is packed full of Skyler and Braden's stuff heading to a "red" state because you're tired of liberals ruining everything you just want to be left alone to live your life?

Lather, rinse, complain, and move to somewhere even uglier.

There's a word for doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Liberalism advances and conservatives retreat. Liberals are morally wrong, intellectually clueless, spread failure like it's success, and they seem to do so rather successfully. They own Hollywood, education, most of media. When they ascend to power they abuse it. They bully anyone who strays from their dogma, even other leftists.

Why stay and fight when you're unsure how to fight a foe that has absolute control over every industry of influence.

The left isn't winning because they have superior arguments. The left isn't winning because their leaders are smarter than ours. They're not winning because they're changing people's minds.

The left wins because it hits people in the gut. The left wins because it knows how to craft a narrative and tell a better story. The left has a mastery of language, specifically how to use language to push their agenda, that the right cannot match.

Republicans and conservatives lost the abortion fight the minute some leftists labeled abortion as "a woman's right to choose." Well, shoot. Who's against choice? Who's against body autonomy? If America is an independent, individual rights-promoting kind of place, why deny women the right to control their bodies?

Obviously chopping and sucking an unborn baby out of the womb has zero to do with body autonomy. That's how the left sold it, and the left has been hitting men and women in the feels about abortion "rights" ever since. Then pro-lifers come along with their "choose life" bumperstickers and "we value life from womb to tomb" rhyming talking points and get laughed at. It's like showing up to a burning building with a squirt gun.

What does work at changing people from pro-choice to pro-life is the gut punch. Usually by seeing an abortion. If you've seen a photo of an aborted fetus or watched tiny hands, tiny feet, and broken ribs coming out of the birth canal, you know I'm right.

So, how to apply gut punches to issues that aren't as heartbreaking as killing unborn babies?

Conservatives argue based on principles and intellect while talking with someone operated by their feelings. There is rarely a cogent conversation when two people aren't even talking on the same level. Emotions dictate what thoughts and memories get remembered. The left capitalizes on that and drives their agenda based on emotions.

Fine. Let's do the same.

Before one can sell conservatism, we must first emotionally tie liberal failures with liberalism. Liberals don't associate the problems liberalism causes with liberalism itself. Otherwise they wouldn't keep voting for it then leave the mess of it and voting for it again.

Yes, yes, a lot of liberals are insane. Granted. But hear me out.

No Californian voted for heroin needles in their streets. No Californian wanted to walk pass homeless people dropping deuces on parking lot curbs. Californians were sold on feelings of "we need to help the homeless people, and this program/politician is the way to do it!" When those same Californians move to Texas and vote for some Democrat, they're not voting for poop in your streets. They're voting to help some pet group the Democrat is promising to help.

Lather, rinse, move, and vote for the same policies and officials.

Here's my advice, Texans. Skip the lecture on how crappy it is to vote Democrat. It is crappy, I'm just suggesting we try something else to break some cycles. Instead, tie Democrat promises of "helping the homeless" to poop in the streets. Were I working for the California GOP, I'd create a sort of leaflet campaign with pictures of heroin needles on the streets overlaid with text "Thanks, Elected Democrats" and on the back an entire timeline of who, what, when, where, how and why the heroin needle got on the street. You're free to use that, California GOP.

Tie the programs, policies, and elected officials who instituted the failures to the failure itself. Being careful to lay the blame on the programs and officials instituting them, not the voters.

Yes, I know the voters voted in the politicians who pushed their crap ideas. Again, crap ideas are never sold as crap.

This isn't going to be easy. Liberals are not going to hear a lecture anymore than you will. But they might answer a non-confrontational question. "How did San Francisco, a beautiful city, get so overrun with poop?" you might ask. "How did the Californian bureaucracy get so insane?" you could try. "I heard there were heroin needles everywhere, how did that happen?"

Make the leftist answer. They'll usually say "I don't know." That's when you offer some ideas of what could be to blame.

Sure, that's simplistic. It won't always work. But a lot of the time, a liberal is a liberal by default, not necessarily by choice. After all, Hollywood, education, and most of media is liberal. They're not used to thinking about why they believe what they believe. They've just heard nothing else. Sometimes just planting a seed is enough to let it grow.

And when it isn't, you don't pop open a beer (or wine bottle) at the end of the day and ignore the changing political landscape of the state you know and love. Instead, you go to a city meeting and make your impassioned rant you had for your cellphone in the car to an audience of people who vote, and the people they voted for. Hopefully it's good, hopefully it inspires others to do the same, hopefully it plants seeds. Hopefully, you get it on camera and tweet it to me.

Fighting back may be hard. It will for sure be annoying, frustrating, and require getting out of your comfort zone. But it sure as hell is a lot easier than relocating your entire life to a place the left will eventually get to anyway. As they are right now.

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