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10 things to know about President Trump's new 'border czar'

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President Donald Trump announced that former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Thomas Homan would be his administration's new "border czar" Friday morning.

“Tom Homan’s coming back, I would say that would be announced next week except I’d rather announce it now,” President Trump said in an interview with “Fox & Friends.” “He’s going to be very much involved with the border, that’s what he really wants to be involved with.”

So who is Thomas Homan, and what will he bring to the job? Here are a few things to know.

  1. He used to be the acting ICE director from 2014 to 2018 and was director during the original 2014 "Unaccompanied Alien Children" (UAC) crisis.
  2. Before he started working a federal beat as a Border Patrol agent, Homan worked as a police officer in New York state, just like his dad.
  3. He believes that the most effective way of deterring border-crossers is to start deporting people with final deportation orders.
  4. He once suggested that ICE should conduct a "nationwide operation to locate, arrest, and remove those who have entered the U.S. illegally, including family units," who have been given deportation orders.
  5. He also once called for a "400 percent increase" in worksite immigration raids in California.
  6. He's an equal-opportunity enforcer, once saying that "no population is off the table" for immigration enforcement.
  7. He once defended ICE's Trump-era practice of going after "non-criminal" illegal immigrants: "We shouldn't wait for them to become a criminal."
  8. He says, “Many of the gang members ICE has arrested the past few years entered the US at the southern border as part of a family unit or as an unaccompanied alien child."
  9. He's no fan of sanctuary jurisdiction policies, once lamenting how his officers couldn't get access to incarcerated illegal immigrants in Chicago.
  10. He's also seen firsthand the relationship between sanctuary policies and the expansion of the drug trade.

The announcement about Homan comes just days after the Trump administration announced that another immigration hawk, Ken Cuccinelli, has been tapped to head up United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and one day after news that Cuccinelli would be joined by John Zadrozny — another tough-on-immigration voice and ally of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

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