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25 no-brainer immigration plans to make America safer — and win the election

Conservative Review

Republicans are bleeding their traditional suburban voters at a quick pace. They are without a narrative and nearly out of time to make a difference for this election. When they return from summer recess, they have one final opportunity to either make a big play on the top issue on voter’s minds. Or they could simply monkey it up by running out the clock while they are losing.

According to recent polls, immigration is the top concern of voters. And for good reason. It touches on every important economic, security, and cultural issue voters care about, and unlike other issues, it is amazingly simple to solve. We can choose our own immigrants, period.

Here is a list of 25 ideas, most of which have already been introduced as legislation, that are political winners and will completely reorient the narrative of this election. This is not a complete list of the best ways to deter illegal immigration and reform the broader system, but they are all commonsense reforms that are easy to communicate and would effectively deter illegal immigration without touching on certain sensitivities of weak GOP members (assuming they really want to solve the issue). As you are reading through them, imagine the powerful ads that could be created to expose all the Democrats opposing them, particularly those senators up for re-election in red states.

Border Security

1) Fund the wall with foreign aid from home countries of illegal aliens: H.R. 6657, sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., would reduce foreign aid to countries whose nationals are apprehended at the border by $2,000 per illegal. The funds would be directed to an account for the border wall. In addition, it would levy fees on foreign remittances and raises certain fees for visa applications, with the funds going towards a salary raise and restoring overtime pay for border agents.

2) El Chapo Act: H.R. 2186, sponsored by Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, would capture the criminal forfeiture funds of wealthy drug smugglers to be used for the border wall.

3) End visa overstays by requiring bond: In addition to finally implementing a biometric visa tracking system to stop the 700,000 annual overstays, which was flagged by the 9/11 commission as a major vulnerability, H.R. 6089, sponsored by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, would require certain classes of visa applicants who are prone to overstay their visas to post bond upon entry to the country. H.R. 463, sponsored by Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., would mandate jail time for most visa overstayers and bar them from reapplying for a certain number of years.

4) End Central American fleecing of America: H.R. 391 would finally clarify the true definition of asylum and unaccompanied alien children, which would exclude 99 percent of the current flow of aliens from receiving any legal status and mandate that they be deported expeditiously, along with their illegal alien relatives already in the country.

Interior Enforcement

5) Make visa overstays and first-time border crossings felonies: There are numerous bills that would accomplish this. Another great deterrent would be to indefinitely bar anyone from ever immigrating to this country if they are caught crossing the border and advertise such a change in law in Spanish-language media in their home countries.

6) No citizenship for MS-13: H.R. 5065, sponsored by Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., would denaturalize any member of MS-13 found to have been a part of the group within 10 years of naturalizing. We had no tolerance for communists and Nazis; we should not coddle and even reward MS-13 with citizenship.

7) Mandatory deportation of drunk drivers: Thousands are killed by drunk driving. It’s equally tragic when the perpetrators are American, but it’s completely avoidable when the individual shouldn’t be in this country. Congress should pass the old Scott Gardner Act (H.R. 3808), sponsored by former Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., which would mandate that ICE apprehend all illegal aliens arrested for drunk driving. Congress should also make repeat DUIs a deportable offense for legal immigrants. A great many criminal aliens who went on to commit other crimes had DUI arrests or convictions and were never deported.

8) Deport criminal aliens: H.R. 5653, sponsored by Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., would make all legal immigrants who are convicted of any felony or two misdemeanors deportable. This will ensure that many career criminal aliens who plead down to lower charges are deported and also fix the ridiculous Dimaya Supreme Court decision invalidating the “crime of violence” statute.

9) Deport those on terror watch list: Liberals say “no fly, no buy” – that anyone on the terror watch list should automatically not be able to purchase a gun, even when the person is a U.S. citizen with due process rights. But there is no right for an alien to remain in the country. H.R. 844, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., would codify the concept of “no fly, goodbye” by deporting those aliens on the list.

10) Forge ties with local law enforcement: H.R. 4295, sponsored by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., would explicitly deputize states and local governments to enforce immigration law and offer numerous cooperative programs to make it easier for localities to apprehend illegals and communicate with ICE.

11) Davis-Oliver comprehensive interior enforcement: H.R. 2431, named after two police officers killed by an illegal alien, would be one of the most comprehensive and effective tools to protect public safety from criminal aliens. It explicitly allows states to enforce immigration law, even when the feds are derelict. It protects these states from lawsuits while allowing citizens to sue sanctuary cities for damages. It contains numerous provisions to enhance expedited deportations, strengthen the leverage of ICE, tighten up screening in visas, fix bad court decisions, and punish countries that decline to repatriate their illegals. The bill has passed the House Judiciary Committee through two successive Congresses, yet leadership refuses to bring it to the floor.

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