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7 new stats that blow up leftist narratives on abortion

Conservative Review

Every year during the lead-up to the March for Life, Marist publishes results from a nationwide poll gauging American attitudes on abortion and the right to life.

This year’s numbers are out, and the survey is devastating for the left-wing pro-abortion narrative:

  1. More Americans are calling themselves pro-choice (51 percent) than pro-life (44 percent), but going deeper shows that it’s not that simple.
  2. 76 percent of Americans favor new restrictions on abortions, such as limiting them to the first three months of a pregnancy. This is significant because the U.S is just one of seven countries that allow elective abortions after five months of pregnancy.
  3. 60 percent of Americans oppose using taxpayer money to pay for abortion. That includes 56 percent of independents and 43 percent of Democrats.
  4. 54 percent of Americans oppose forcing people to violate their pro-life beliefs when it comes to providing medical services or insurance. That is, however, a drop from last year, when 60 percent of those surveyed were opposed.
  5. At least 70 percent of Americans take a candidate’s abortion stance into consideration before voting, and a plurality of Americans say it’s a major factor.
  6. Americans are pretty evenly torn on when life begins. 46 percent consider it biological fact that life begins at conception, while 45 percent consider it a religious or philosophical belief.
  7. As in previous years, there’s no significant gender gap among respondents, a point noted by Townhall's Guy Benson. This should shatter the fossilized talking point that attitudes on abortion are completely dependent on a person’s gender.

And yet, despite numbers like these, GOP leadership can’t figure how to keep its pro-life promises to defund Planned Parenthood and pass Micah’s Law to stop abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy.

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