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Ad from Latino group paints Republicans as would-be kid murderers

Conservative Review

A group called the “Latino Victory Fund” released a shocking new ad Saturday condemning Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, and President Trump of being outright racists who seek to harm children of color. 

The Latino Victory Fund describes itself as a "progressive political action committee with a mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government." The disgusting ad portrays a white man in a black pickup truck with a Confederate flag, Gillespie campaign bumper sticker, and Gadsden-flag license plate chasing down minority children in the streets.

The ad ends with footage of the white-nationalist tiki torch rally held in Charlottesville, and asks, “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the ‘American dream’?”

Ed Gillespie is a milquetoast establishment Republican with absolutely no connection to the “Alt-Right.” He denounced the vile torch rally in August the morning after. But because Gillespie has dared to take a strong position on illegal immigration this gubernatorial campaign, the Democrats are lashing out against him and his supporters as hateful bigots.

The lesson is clear: No matter how much any Republican panders, the Left will treat anyone right-of-center like Richard Spencer.

Gillespie should put the pedal to the floor on his pledge to combat MS-13 and other violent illegal alien criminals. Let the Democrats paint every Virginian who wants to protect their family from a gang whose motto is “Kill. Rape. Control” as a racist.

See how that plays out on election day.

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