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‘Ally’ Turkey holds American pastor hostage; offers ransom deal

Conservative Review

Relations with our NATO “ally” Turkey continue to cause headaches for Americans and U.S. interests abroad.

Its security detail continues to beat up Americans on U.S. soil. It harasses and threatens to starve our Kurdish allies. And now, they are holding an American pastor hostage.

Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that he would be willing to free the pastor in exchange for Fethullah Gulen — an influential Turkish leader who is considered an enemy of the Turkish state and currently living in self-exile in Pennsylvania.

American Andrew Brunson, an evangelical pastor of the Izmir Resurrection Church in western Turkey, has been held on questionable charges and imprisoned since October 2016. The Turkish government accuses him of being a member of the Gulen movement, an Islamic religious and cultural movement that has been labeled a terrorist organization by the Turkish regime.

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