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Antifa General? Keith Ellison pondering Minnesota AG run

Conservative Review

Keith Ellison, the far-left Minnesota congressman and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is contemplating running for attorney general of Minnesota.

Politico reports that Ellison is “bored” in the House and wants to move his career in another direction. The AG seat is expected to open up because Lori Swanson, the sitting attorney general, will most likely run for governor. Ellison is also reportedly unhappy at the DNC under chairman Tom Perez, to whom Ellison finished a close second in last year’s DNC chair election.

Ellison made headlines earlier this month when he endorsed an Antifa “handbook” that he says will “strike fear in the heart of” President Trump.

Conservative Review found that the Antifa book explicitly endorses physical violence against political opponents. “In truth, violence represents a small though vital sliver of anti-fascist activity,” one of the pro-violence passages from the book reads.

Regarding unprovoked “occasional violence,” the Ellison-approved book adds:

“Fascist violence often necessitates self-defense—although anti-fascists challenge conventional interpretations of self-defense grounded in individualistic personal ethics by legitimating offensive tactics in order to forestall the potential need for literal self-defense down the line.”

It also came as a shock that a sitting congressman would seemingly endorse Antifa, given the fact that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) consider Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

The radical leftist group is known for committing brutal acts of violence against unarmed bystanders, and its members regularly engage in riots that result in destruction of property.

Antifa is not the only controversial group that receives backing from Ellison. The Minnesota congressman has a decades-long track record of ties to radical anti-American movements. He has long been tied to the anti-American, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and has met with Hamas-linked officials in the past.

On top of that, Ellison traffics in the worst conspiracies and throws ugly accusations at his political opponents. In 2007, he linked then-President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Before entering Congress, he flirted around with the idea that the September 11 attacks were an inside job.

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