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Bill Maher tries to fix the unfixable

Conservative Review

I’ve written about Bill Maher before. He and I seem to share a penchant for trying to fix what might be the politically unfixable. And despite our differences, I dig that about him.

It was just this past March when I tipped my cap to him for taking on the prevalence of fake news. I wrote:

“If various sectors of the ideological spectrum (like Bill Maher) can still unify around disdain for horse manure, then we can have the sort of vehement but honest debate previous eras of our ancestors were fortunate to use to iron out their differences. In a truth-seeking culture, we can find ways to accommodate even differences on what the truth is.

But a culture that has given up on truth-seeking, and only considers what it wants to be true to be the truth, is a culture that has essentially given up on itself.”

All these months later, it’s clear few people on the Left listened to either Maher or me, as the 2018 midterm elections hover just weeks away. The proof came yet again recently on Maher’s television show, as he took on the cancer of political correctness within the Democrat party.

Maher accurately pointed out, with both anecdotal evidence and polling numbers, that increasing numbers of Americans identify political correctness as a brand of weakness. That’s why Trump in 2016, he said, and that’s why there may be no blue wave in 2018.

Then he turned it over to his panelists, and they unintentionally proved to be the perfect foils for Maher’s point.

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