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Brett Kavanaugh has exposed the true depravity of the Democrat abortion cult

Conservative Review

Whatever may come of the national disgrace that is Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation, it must be understood that the abuse, the delays, the smears, and the demagoguery happened because the Left wants the unfettered right to kill unborn babies. The Democratic Party and its leftist allies in the media have tossed aside all moral, ethical, and institutional concerns in pursuit of that political end, that moral abomination. And why wouldn't they? If you want the right to murder people, what are dishonest smears to you?

From the beginning of Kavanaugh's confirmation process, Senate Democrats have acted reprehensibly to ensure that he is not confirmed because he is a constitutional originalist. They fear that a strict interpretation of the text of the U.S. Constitution will undo the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. That’s a justified fear, since Roe’s “right to privacy” and sweeping prohibition on state abortion regulations are a “travesty of constitutional law,” the incoherent decree of mangled reasoning by an activist Supreme Court. It ought to be overturned.

So, to defend the right to kill the unborn, Democrats have deployed dishonorable and underhanded tactics to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Many Democrats declared their opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination before he had an opportunity to testify in his Senate confirmation hearings. During the hearings, the Democrats subverted the proceedings, refusing even to let Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, finish his opening statement before objecting and demanding that the committee adjourn. Potential 2020 contenders took advantage of the cameras to grandstand and flaunt their commitment to resisting constitutionalism. As a whole, the Left was uninterested in Kavanaugh’s thinking or constitutional jurisprudence. They demanded, in essence, to know if he would overturn abortion policies as one of nine elite and unelected members of what has become the nation’s super-legislature.

Yet still the Democrats were powerless to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, if brought to a vote. And so sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh received by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., in July were strategically withheld from the public and from the Republicans on the committee for two months, to be unleashed upon the nation just as Kavanaugh’s confirmation seemed assured. The end was to delay a vote. The means were depraved.

Christine Blasey Ford has been abused by Feinstein and the other Democrats. Whether or not her allegations are true, Feinstein’s decision to hide them until an opportune moment for someone to leak them to the press was nakedly political. A genuine pursuit of truth would have required vetting the allegations when they were made and allowing senators to make up their minds and vote according to their consciences without subjecting Ford and Kavanaugh to trial by pornographers and pinheaded pundits on cable news. Instead, roughly a third of the country is now convinced that Kavanaugh is a would-be rapist, another third believes Ford is a liar, and the remaining Americans are lost in confusion and disgust as new, weaker allegations are brought forward and Democrats continue their demands to delay, delay, delay until the election.

The Democrats insist they are standing for women. They demagogue and throw into question the motives of anyone who points out Ford’s lack of evidence and lack of witnesses. They demand an impossible FBI investigation and attack anyone who points out how unreasonable and ridiculous their demands are. They are thoroughly dishonest. But they're also successful.

The GOP was trapped between defending the institution of the Senate and earnestly seeking the truth. Republicans erred on the side of goodwill. They ought to have refused to even consider hearing misconduct allegations brought to light in this manner and moved on with a vote. They should have set a precedent that such allegations must be dealt with immediately when submitted to the committee, or they won’t be considered at all, to protect future confirmations from spurious “he said, she said” allegations brought forward at the eleventh hour.

They did not do that. Instead, they graciously offered to hear Ford testify and give Kavanaugh an opportunity to face his accuser and defend his integrity. All Americans should hope and pray that some clarity emerges from Thursday’s sworn testimony, when Kavanaugh will face his accuser, offer his defense, and be judged on the merits of the evidence. Pray earnestly, for divine intervention is needed to keep Democrats from turning the hearing into a circus to finish Kavanaugh off.

One thing has become clear: The Democratic Party is unfit to govern in America. They have spoken dishonestly, acted in bad faith, abused their power, and divided the nation. They have done so in defense of the right to kill children, so is it any surprise they have acted so wickedly?

Justice demands that the Democrats be punished for their behavior. Voters will have the opportunity in November.

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