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Dan Bongino nails why CNN's Antifa hypocrisy burns with the fire of a thousand suns

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On Monday, Dan Bongino filled in for The Great One on the "Mark Levin Show." He discussed the "new rules" that "radical far-left kooks" have introduced into politics.

Bongino explained that the hard Left has killed civility in politics, with violent Antifa thugs attacking conservatives like Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

"The new rules are now in effect," Bongino said.

"Now what's fascinating about this — and why we need new rules to deal with violent aggressive maniacs — what's fascinating about this whole thing is that Candace Owens happens to be black!" Bongino said. "She's sitting there, an innocent minority woman in a restaurant having breakfast, while a bunch of white dudes and women show up with a megaphone screaming in her ear like maniacs while physically accosting the guy she's with and also screaming at the minority police officers protecting Candace Owens, who happens to be black herself."

"The liberals have no problem with this at all. Liberals, who will scream 'racist' at you at the drop of a hat," Bongino added.


"Liberals love it. They love it," Bongino said. "Yet Jim Acosta from CNN will whine on CNN because people tell them 'CNN sucks' at a rally."

"I don't see coverage, widespread coverage of the outbreak of aggressive confrontation and violence against conservatives out there and Trump supporters," Bongino noted.

But do the new rules mean conservatives should act violently like Antifa? Never, Bongino said.

"We can't and won't and should never respond in kind. We can't. It's morally and ethically wrong," Bongino said. "But we can do something. We can win."

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