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Dear Brian Stelter: Trump was talking about YOU

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Embarrassing …

Yes, this is real life … This morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to eviscerate media types like Brian Stelter for pushing conspiracy theories about his wife, Melania Trump. As I’ve covered in this newsletter, questions about the first lady’s health and well-being reached a conspiratorial fever pitch on Sunday when CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter dedicated a segment on his “Reliable Sources” program to wondering where the first lady was. Here are Trump’s tweets:

That set Stelter off. Stelter tried to downplay his own reporting of the conspiracy theories by tweet. Stelter said Trump was “conflating random Twitter commenters with ‘the media.’” He then went on to say the tactic was that of “bad faith critics.”  Brian, Trump is talking about YOU, and you can’t stand the heat.

Stelter then answered T. Becket Adams by saying, “Real news outlets did not ‘report’ that she was "near death," etc. We can agree on that, right?” That’s what we’re fixating on, Brian?

This is typical Stelter. As I’ve said before, Brian doesn’t always say much; he just, you know, kind of suggests it, through the use of other people’s words. Then he falls back on the quotes to deny he ever meant any of what he was just saying.

Sidekick to the rescue … Stelter’s “CNN Money” sidekick Oliver Darcy leapt to Stelter’s defense. On Wednesday morning, Darcy tweeted:

Let’s unpack this for Darcy:

  1. The White House was transparent that the first lady was having surgery.
  2. Reporters tweeted that they saw her in the West Wing of the White House BEFORE Stelter started just “asking questions.”
  3. Melania Trump is not running nor has she run for president.
  4. Melania Trump has not collapsed in public while running for president and refused to answer questions about her health.
  5. Again, Melania Trump was not hiding her health condition from the public while she was running to lead the country. That point can’t be made enough.

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