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Dem refuses to concede after losing lottery drawing in tied Va. election

Conservative Review

The craziest election of 2017 finally reached its procedural conclusion Thursday as the Virginia Board of Elections held a drawing to determine the winner of House District 94. The Republicans won the random drawing, maintaining a narrow one-seat majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Initially, Democrat Shelly Simonds was declared the winner by a margin of one vote, but a three-judge panel ruled that a discarded vote for Republican incumbent David Yancey should have been counted, leaving the race tied at 11,608 votes each.

Simonds filed a lawsuit to challenge the uncounted ballot, but the recount court rejected the challenge and upheld the previous ruling.

Fortune smiled on the Republicans, as Yancey won the random lottery drawing, preserving the 51-49 GOP majority in the state legislature. But it might not be over.

On Wednesday, the Democrat Simonds said that "all options are still on the table" since Yancey had declined her offer to make the drawing final.

Reportedly, Simonds is not conceding.

What are these "options?" According to Virginia law, while tied elections are to be determined by lot, "any person who loses the determination by lot may petition for a recount."

So Simonds could ask for yet another recount in the election that never ends. Stay tuned!

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