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How do Democrats sleep at night?

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Kathy Tran, the Democrat state representative of Virginia’s 47th district who introduced the heinous abortion bill, fought back against allegations that her bill equals infanticide with a short video about the bill that doesn’t explain much.

Because of an honest response she gave to a pointed question in Virginia’s state House, Tran believed that the bill’s intent had been misconstrued and she wished to set it right. In the video, Tran said that late-term abortions are already available to Virginians under certain circumstances “with the approval of medical doctors.” Plural. She says her bill does nothing to change that. Then she said that her bill simply allows women to make these decisions “in a timely manner.”

Apparently the “timely manner” of murdering innocent life is hobbled by current Virginia law, which states that three doctors need to consent to murder before it is allowed. Apparently that either takes too damn long, or abortion advocates have a tough time finding three doctors who will consent to murder just because the mother said so. Tran’s bill drops the requirement for three doctors down to one. So much for no changes to the “doctors” requirement!

Now we read that Tran is “offended” by the blackface image in Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook and is joining the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus in calling for the governor’s ouster. She is not upset at all that the governor, a pediatric physician, is okay with actual infanticide.

How in the world do Democrats sleep at night?

I’m not defending blackface or KKK hoods, but dammit, the cavalier discussion of taking the life of an innocent baby didn’t make this Tran woman even lift an eyebrow, but a thirty-some-year-old image of probably Halloween costumes drove her over the edge.

The Democrats like to say that wealthy billionaires control the Republican Party. In some instances that’s true; corporate welfare is certainly something that has not yet been thoughtfully discussed in the age of Trump and needs to be discussed, but it goes for both parties.  Democrats neglect to inform people is of their own wealthy billionaires and industries that their bills of death support. Like the abortion industry, the human trafficking industry, the illicit drug industry, and the welfare industry.

The constant drumbeat of “for the children,” “for the little guy,” and the ultimate insult to God and our collective intelligence, “doing the Lord’s work,” that the Democrat propagandists repeat to pacify the dimwitted and the disturbed can only be true if turned upside down.

We’re told it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion in America, at the point of birth, without any second opinions. Is that “for the children” too? Maybe it’s for the “little guy?” Let’s hear about how late-term abortion is “doing the Lord’s work.”

Whenever a Democrat says that what they’re doing is “for the children,” it is most certainly for the exploitation of children.

Whenever a Democrat says that their focus is on “the little guy,” it means it’s for the mammoth drug cartels or the fat pigs at the labor trough.

And whenever a Democrat says they’re doing “the Lord’s work,” they mean Lucifer himself.

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