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Despite century of failure, commies celebrate century of failure

Conservative Review

It’s once again May Day, the communist holiday, and sadly, it will not go unobserved in the land of the free.

In the United States, several groups are taking to the streets on the flagship holiday of an ideology that has failed every time it has been tried.

NPR reported Monday morning that typical May Day celebrations are expected to “swell” in the first year of Trump’s America™. In the California Bay Area, the L.A. Times reports, massive boycotts, protests, and even a waterfront shutdown are expected, with similar displays from sea to shining sea. Indeed, the same cathartic spirit that drove the genital hat march and the march for Science™ manifests in a nationwide show of force for Big Labor.

For today’s occasion, the undertones of cultural Marxism present at other post-election pity parties are brought to the forefront; after all, this is the communist holiday set aside to celebrate the workers of the proletariat, now appropriated as yet another thinly veiled anti-Trump rally.

Meanwhile, in our broader culture, Marxist sentiment is especially strong in the minds of our young citizens, as evidenced by the millennial groundswell behind Bernie Sanders’ 2016 efforts – which boasted an arguably stronger chance of putting a socialist in the Oval Office than even the efforts of Huey Long. Gangs of Marx-inspired blackshirts in the “Antifa” (self-proclaimed anti-fascists) movement now trample across our college campuses, shutting down dissent by terror and intimidation that mimic the troubles of Europe between the World Wars.

Has a century of practical failure taught us nothing? How can this day be marked by anything other than sympathy for the victims of the ideology that created it? This is a day for nothing but mourning.

A full century after the beginnings of the Russian revolution, today’s communists are less insightful revolutionaries than they are the philosophical equivalent of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, or a caricature of the old alchemists, trying forever to turn lead into gold. Over and over, they try, through different means, different tweaks, each time with a renewed vigor and the ever-soothing promise of “this time for sure.”

Instead, rather than producing a disappointed “aw rats” and a few chuckles from the folks at home, as does the young Mr. Brown, or the germinating seeds of modern chemistry, as did the “study” of alchemy, the red rabble have produced little more than widespread suffering in the form of rampant persecution and man-made famine brought about by the ills of central economic planning.

Yet Marx’s goals are never reached – not even close. Even in the most benign modern examples of socialism – the best go-to case studies for the campus commie – one is still likely going to end up on a waiting list for even the most rudimentary medical care. Then there are those who have staved off the inevitable by watering down Marx’s vision and re-embracing markets, as in the case of Cuba, China, and so many others.

We watch the current collapse of Venezuela as yet another classic cautionary tale, like the Soviet bloc before it, descending into chaos, hunger and despotism, all of which are clear features of the program, rather than accidental bugs.

Then, of course, there is the People’s Republic of Korea – one needn’t say more, as the words of the English vernacular are completely insufficient to describe the extremities of human suffering regularly reported out of that glorified gulag masquerading as a nation-state.

So what in the world do the strikers throughout the United States think they can accomplish? What new insights and approaches do they bring to the table that will save their newest incarnation of socialism and communism (for the two are philosophically one and the same) from the fates listed above?

“The definition of insanity,” the old, pithy adage says, “is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.” By that standard, our fellow citizens taking to the streets today in at least complicit commemoration of suffering, despotism, and starvation are nothing short of certifiably insane.

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