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The DHS continues to facilitate ‘caravan’ invasion against Trump’s wishes

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If an invading army approached our border, would we be able to stop it? Or are our military and “deterrent” capabilities limited to refereeing Sunni-Shia civil wars in the Middle East? As President Trump once said, either we have a country or we don’t.

As we noted on Friday, despite presidential promises to keep out the caravan, the DHS has processed most of those who made it to the border, and according to a BuzzFeed reporter, they are being not only let in, but released into the population.

Let’s not forget that this particular public caravan is a deliberate invasion. The fact that we call it a “caravan” doesn’t change the fact that it is the most solemn job of a president to keep this country safe from an invasion. Even if catch-and-release was mandated by our immigration statutes, this is not legitimate asylum, this is a deliberate invasion. If liberals want to fund all of Latin America, they can do so from their bank accounts, but why should Americans suffer?

As of the weekend, at least 228 invaders were allowed into the country for processing, according to BuzzFeed. Given that many of them are family units, they will likely all be released.

Even a wall won’t stop deliberate self-immolation

Trump is not wrong about the need for Congress to act. Conservatives like Jim Jordan need to raise hell in Congress and use Jordan’s potential run for speaker to shame their leadership every day for not making the protection of our sovereignty against an illegal invasion the number one priority. It’s not as if they are busy reforming health care. However, somebody needs to send a memo to the president and make him understand that what is going on now is the fault of DHS policies, not our laws..

President Trump needs to understand that if he doesn’t countermand his own administration’s policies, even if he builds a border wall between points of entry, it won’t help. Automatic admission and catch-and-release will incentivize hundreds of thousands more from Central America to come here and simply knock on the door, be processed, and be released into our schools and communities. They don’t need to trespass our border or climb over a wall to fleece the American taxpayer if his DHS is willingly opening the doors at the ports of entry. This is already happening.

As word spreads that the Trump administration is continuing Obama policies, we’ve seen 50,000 interdictions over the past two months. But the number of unaccompanied minors and family units was at its highest level in years, according to new April numbers from Customs and Border Protection. The number of family units crossing in April increased by 7.5 percent from the already-high baseline of the March surge. The numbers are even more astounding when contrasted with this time last year, when the deterrent effect of the perceived Trump toughness was in full effect. From the lowest number of crossings last April, the number of UAC crossings has since increased 370 percent, and the number of family units skyrocketed 695 percent.

Most of these people surrender themselves to border agents when caught between points of entry. But if we constructed a wall, they would simply “ring our door bell” at the point of entry and obtain admission. Trump is facing a trajectory where he will lose one of his greatest accomplishments from the first months of his presidency — and we will lose our country.

Not to mention the fact that the border surge creates the perfect atmosphere for the drug cartels, particularly Los Zetas, to smuggle in Middle Easterners, possibly with the help of Hezbollah, and cocaine. There’s been a surge of Bangladeshis smuggled in through Loredo, the sector controlled by Los Zetas, which is the cartel with the most established relationship with Hezbollah. Not surprisingly, they often fly from Lebanon to Brazil, which is a country with a tremendous Hezbollah base of operations through Lebanese ties, where they make their way up Central America. Thus, the border surge is not only a human and drug crisis, it enriches Hezbollah’s cocaine trade, allows the group to smuggle in potential terrorists, and further cements Iran’s influence in our hemisphere.

DHS vs. DOJ: Who is president?

Mexico knowingly permits illegal aliens from third countries to travel through its territory to reach the United States. It cannot be that the United States has to allow them in until they have a legal right to enter. Section 235(b)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act specifically allows the Department of Homeland Security to return to Mexico an alien seeking admission or asylum at a port of entry — pending any final outcome in immigration court. President Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security to use this authority in section 7 of Executive Order 13767, which was issued in the first week of his presidency. That same order also directed the DHS to properly apply the statute for unaccompanied alien children, which, if done correctly, would exclude 99 percent from admission. It has so far failed to do so on both fronts.

Not only have we all lost our sovereignty, the president appears to lack sovereignty over his own administration. Without proper orders and enforcement directly from the White House, each department is running in its own direction. The Department of Justice is actually fulfilling some of Trumps election promises. It has cut the hiring time for immigration judges in half in less than a year and will be hiring 150 new immigration judges as quickly as possible. The Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions has been going after sanctuary cities. The department announced last week that it created 35 new prosecutor positions in southwest border offices who will focus entirely on immigration crimes, such as illegal entry, alien smuggling, and illegal re-entry. Sessions issued a memo directing each U.S. Attorney's Office along the southwest border to prosecute every illegal entry offense referred for prosecution by the Department of Homeland Security. This includes all classes and categories of aliens, such as adults who smuggle their minor children into the United States.

But this takes cooperation from DHS. It is the prerogative of the DHS to refer them to the DOJ, and it is most certainly at the discretion of the DHS whether to admit these people in the first place. The DOJ is carrying out the vision of the president, but unless conservatives get on his case, he appears to be ignoring some of the backstabbing at DHS.

Here’s the reality our country faces: Under current policies, any number of individuals from impoverished countries, potentially hundreds of millions of people, can come here and say the magic words of “credible fear.” They get admitted, processed, released into our communities, and are often never heard from again in immigration courts. But they are heard from in other ways. They flood our schools with fiscal burdens, cultural problems, gangs, deadly drugs, and language issues. They strain the hospitals. They have babies that are erroneously regarded as citizens and accept the full smorgasbord of welfare programs on their behalf. They are counted in the Census and distort our block-grant programs while disenfranchising our representation. All without the permission of the people and against the law. We are no longer a self-governing people who control our own destiny.

While President Trump pressures Congress to act, he should start by pressuring his own cabinet picks to follow his orders and the law. If he declines to do so, it would be better to just land boats in every Latin American country and bring them straight to our country. At least if we are going to disenfranchise the citizenry, let’s not empower the drug cartels on the border and poison our children in the process.

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