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Did a NY Times reporter get bullied into changing her reporting?

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Over the weekend, neo-Nazis and Antifa squared off in the McGregor vs. Mayweather bout of the Loser Olympics.  The violence caused by these two hate groups ended in the tragic death of a young woman and two Virginia State Police officers. New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg reported on the nature of what went on in Charlottesville, but felt the need to clarify her story after pushback from the Left.

In a series of wrap-up tweets, Stolberg wrote:

She correctly identified Antifa — “hard left” protesters as “hate-filled” as those they were fighting.  For that, she received pushback from the Left. Here’s how Buzzfeed reported it.

Each side did engage in intense violence and attempted to seriously injure the other. But when the battle lines were formed, the right came better equipped and ready to use force to defend their belief that white people are better than nonwhite people. And on the white supremacist side is Fields, whose alleged act was named terrorism by people from the far left to members of the Trump cabinet (but not the president himself). He is charged with one count of second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and one count of hit and run.

After posting the tweets above, Sheryl Gay Stolberg later apologized and modified her statement, clarifying that she was talking about physical violence rather than hate.

This is exactly how the Left keeps reporters in line. Publicly shaming them for reporting the truth. Antifa is as violent and hate-filled and are the flipside to the hate coin from the neo-Nazis they say they fight.

The Left’s bullying of non-conforming media voices also leads to a situation where everyone the Left doesn’t agree with is labeled a “fascist” or Nazi. The media’s campaign to equate all conservatives as fascists gives cover for Antifa to lash out with violence at those they have different opinions with. And then the media write puff pieces on those violent communists. Like this one, at CNN.

We should fight efforts by leftists to bully people into reporting only one side of the news. What happened to Stolberg should be highlighted, and those bullying her should be shamed.

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