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Don Lemon doubles down on his fact-challenged 'white men' demonizing

Conservative Review

On Wednesday in the WTF MSM!? newsletter, I wrote about Don Lemon attacking “white men” as the “biggest terror threat in this country.” Last night, Lemon not only defended his attack but doubled down on his nonsense, saying we don’t need to worry about people 1,000 miles away; the biggest threats are home-grown. In all of this, Lemon is trying to paint President Donald Trump and others as racist for focusing on the illegal immigrant caravan set to invade the southern border. The facts are not on Lemon’s side.

Here’s Lemon’s take from last night on his CNN program.

Here are the numbers on violent domestic terrorism, as compiled by the Anti-Defamation League, for 2017. The ADL puts the number of 2017 deaths caused by adherents of extreme ideologies in the United States at 34. Included in these deaths are domestic incidents that were seemingly unrelated to the hateful ideologies of the perpetrators.

The ADL goes on to further identify 18 of these incidents as perpetrated by white supremacists and two others as perpetrated by “right-wing”-affiliated persons. The rest were by Islamic extremists or black nationalists.

In 2016 and 2015, the jihadist attacks at the Pulse Nightclub and in San Bernardino pushed the total number of extremist-related deaths higher than previous averages.

Where does the threat from 1,000 miles away compare to this number? The mainstream media has repeatedly mischaracterized the president’s remarks about MS-13 being “animals” as his opinion of all immigrants. What are the numbers on recent MS-13 crime? According to a report by Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration studies, from 2012 to the release of her report in February 2018, there were 207 murder charges related to MS-13 activity in the country.

That’s an average of over 30 murders per year attributed to a Latin America-based transnational gang operating in the United States. This is higher than the number attributed to white supremacists by the ADL.

These numbers don’t include various other Latin America-based drug cartels like the Sinaloa, Tijuana, Juarez, Knights Templar, Gulf, and other cartels. In 2014 just one hit man for a cartel confessed to up to 40 murders he committed in the United States during a trial in Mexico.

White supremacy and violence by its adherents are reprehensible and should not be swept under any rug. But it’s a fact that transnational gang and cartel activity, which comes from Latin America, including through illegal immigration, is a significant domestic security issue, no matter how much Don Lemon and others in the mainstream media claim it is not. Highlighting the heinous crimes of one set of individuals does not mean you support the other.

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