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Donald Trump Jr: 'Imagine the hysteria' if my business deals looked like Hunter Biden's

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Donald Trump Jr. joined LevinTV host Mark Levin's radio show Tuesday night to discuss the Democrats' latest efforts to impeach his father and what would happen if he conducted business in similar fashion to former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter.

On the program, the younger Trump called the Democrats' impeachment push "disgusting" and "another run down the rabbit hole from anonymous whistleblower who, with an anonymous transcript that no one's either read or seen."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced Tuesday afternoon "an official impeachment inquiry" against President Trump over a whistleblower's complaint that the president asked the Ukrainian president to look into an investigation that Joe Biden pressured the country's previous president into shutting down. The investigation was focused on a natural gas company that employed Hunter Biden as a board member.

Later in the program, Levin asked Trump Jr. what would have happened if he and his father had done the same things that Joe and Hunter Biden had done.

"It's literally part of my stump speech," Trump responded. "I go, 'Imagine Donald Trump Jr. — forget $1.5 billion, that Hunter Biden as a journeyman investor, no one had ever heard of him; he'd never done anything. I know some of the greatest investors in America — guys with 30-year track records. They'd go to China for 20 years, can't even get the time of day for investment. Hunter Biden goes over there on Air Force Two, five days later — no track record, no experience, no nothing — he comes back with $1.5 billion."

Trump was referring to another of Hunter Biden’s business deals in China, which was cut shortly after he visited the country as part of an official U.S. delegation.

"If Donald Trump Jr., Mark, came back with $1.5 —not billion, but just $1.5 — it would be the end of the world," Trump said. "If Donald Trump Jr. got $50,000 a month from a foreign, corrupt oil company with no energy experience, no experience in the oil sector, no language experience ... imagine the outrage. Imagine the hysteria."

The president's son later predict that Democrats' latest impeachment efforts "will backfire on them as the Russia hoax has" and that "the American people see through it."


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