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Empty-handed Robert Mueller’s hunt for collusion has expanded

Conservative Review

Since May of last year, former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been on the hunt for Trump-Russia collusion. Although he has failed to bring a single collusion-related charge, Mueller has reportedly expanded his probe, tying up millions of dollars in federal resources to continue his perpetual hunt.

Bloomberg reports that Mueller is now relying on several additional prosecutors from the Department of Justice for his Russian interference investigation.

The special counsel has produced many indictments against several Russian nationals and Trump campaign officials, but none of the charges are at all related to collusion. Some indictments have nothing at all to do with Russia-related matters.

Mueller has been able to pursue endless leads thanks to his open mandate, which was delivered to him by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, whose 2017 order allowed Mueller to investigate “any matters that arose or may arise indirectly from the investigation.”

The origins of the Mueller probe began with an Obama administration intelligence community assessment that alleged the Russian government pursued a sophisticated influence operations campaign to throw the election to Donald Trump. However, countless Russia experts and former government officials have now come to contest the assessment, arguing that Russia’s goal was instead to sow discord.

If Russia’s primary objective was to sow discord, the Mueller probe itself appears to be perfectly serving Russia’s goal. Mueller has essentially become the fourth branch of the government. His prosecutorial campaign and the endless expansion of his mandate and unchecked powers are egged on and protected by the Left.

Mueller’s staff currently includes 17 prosecutors, some of whom are overt partisans who have shown hostility toward the sitting U.S. president. Several prosecutors with clear biases have remained on Mueller’s team, even after it was disclosed that they showed a clear preference for Hillary Clinton. Disgraced FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were removed from Mueller’s team after their extreme anti-Trump bias was discovered and publicly reported.

To make matters worse for Mueller’s legitimacy (and declining support in public polling), several special counsel indictments are now being contested in court. High-ranking members of Congress are also investigating the legitimacy of the indictments against decorated retired three-star general Michael Flynn.

It remains unknown when, if ever, Mueller will conclude his investigation. After a year and one month, he is no closer to finding evidence of collusion than he was on day one of his appointment. But that hasn't stopped his team of aggressive — but unsuccessful — prosecutors from chasing down leads across the globe. For now, Mueller's crusade expands, while the taxpayers foot the bill for an investigation that seems to have found its sole purpose in delegitimizing the mandate of the duly elected president.

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