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Evangelical leaders on DACA: The Bible doesn't teach open borders

Conservative Review

An evangelical “ad hoc forum” on immigration has published a letter to President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress asking the government to balance “mercy and justice” as the administration considers repealing DACA.

The group, Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (EBI), is requesting that President Trump “first and foremost honor often forgotten American citizens” as he moves forward with repealing President Obama’s illegal Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order.

Eighteen prominent evangelical leaders from various Christian and political organizations signed the letter, including CRTV host and Conservative Review contributor Steve Deace.

“We agree that immigration reform and DACA are difficult subjects,” the letter states. “God loves the foreigner. Indeed, God loves us all. It takes time to discern the balance of mercy and justice by which a nation thrives.”

The signing evangelicals took a strong stand against open borders and blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, urging elected officials to remember their responsibility to “defend and uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.” “Though there are tragic stories on every side of illegal migration, for our elected officials, responsibility to oaths must prevail,” they write. “Law and order sustain stability and peace. A nation of wise rule grows strong enough to sustain care for the vulnerable in our midst.”

The letter charged pro-amnesty faith groups with using “selective” interpretations of scripture to support their position, ignoring parts of the Bible that support national sovereignty.

“While some faith groups use selective Bible words for open borders and amnesty, we consider the whole counsel of Scripture. We find that the Bible does not teach open borders, but wise welcome. We are to welcome the lawful foreigner, who, like a convert, comes as a blessing (e.g. Ruth and Rahab). We also find Nehemiah building walls to protect citizens from harm. In Isaiah 1, we see God condemning the destruction of borders and indigenous culture,” the letter states.

In conclusion, the EBI letter petitions President Trump, “while treating undocumented people kindly,” to “first and foremost honor often forgotten American citizens whose families have served our nation for many generations, and the patient people who have applied lawfully to come here and to become citizens of the United States. These lives also matter. These people also dream.”

President Trump made the decision to repeal DACA over Labor Day weekend, Politico reported Sunday. The administration will delay enforcement of DACA repeal for six months, giving Congress time to create new legal protections for individuals brought to the U.S. illegally as minors, if the legislature so chooses. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to announce the change in policy at 11 a.m. ET Tuesday.

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