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Fifth illegal alien arrested on rape charges in a month in sanctuary MD county

Conservative Review

It’s not clear how many times this needs to happen before the sanctuary politicians are willing to recognize there’s a sex offender problem among illegal aliens, but it appears there is now a fifth case of an illegal alien alleged rape in Montgomery County, Maryland, in a month.

According to ICE spokeswoman Justine Whelan, “On Aug. 14, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer with Montgomery County Detention Center on unlawfully present Salvadoran national Nelson Saul Reyes-Medrano following his arrest for rape and other related charges.”

Thanks to the terrific and rare acts of journalism performed by local ABC reporter Kevin Lewis, four previous cases of illegal aliens arrested for rape in the Maryland sanctuary county have come to light this month. If not for his reporting, we would likely never know about these cases. But Lewis recognizes that sanctuary cities either serving as a magnet for sex offenders or sometimes even releasing them in defiance of federal immigration law is a big story. On numerous occasions, CR has been the first outlet to report the immigration status of those who’ve committed high-profile crimes in a given area, ignored by local media. If there was a Kevin Lewis in every major media market, the country would learn the true extent of the illegal alien sex offender problem and the danger of sanctuary cities.

As Lewis notes, Montgomery County, like most jurisdictions, refuses to collect data on the number of rapes (or other crimes) committed by illegal aliens, so there is no way to quantify how often this happens. In one recent case, Montgomery County released a rape suspect in defiance of an ICE detainer.

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