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Flashback: Mark Levin nailed it — AMERICAN children are dreamers too

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One of the best-received lines in President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address came during the president's call for Congress to take up immigration reform. Calling for an end to immigration policies like chain migration and the diversity visa lottery, the president said that as an elected official, his duty is to American citizens first.

"Americans are dreamers too," the president said.


For avid listeners of the "Mark Levin Show," the line should ring familiar. In a 2015 broadcast of CRTV host Mark Levin's radio program, Levin argued that Americans have their own dreams.

“Day in and day out, we’re told about the ‘dreamers,'" Levin said. "Who are the dreamers? Illegal alien children."

“Well, we have dreamers too. Our children. What about our children?"


In 2015, Levin said those who ask about the dreams of Americans would be "condemned" and "accused of xenophobia."

Today, the media is linking President Trump's speech to white nationalists, and members of the Democratic Party are calling President Trump's speech "explicitly racist" and claiming it was divisive.

Acknowledging that Americans have dreams too is divisive? Believing that American elected officials have a duty to American citizens first, and not to foreign nationals who entered the country illegallyfrom wherever, is xenophobic and racist?

America is divided today because of the radical extremism of the Democratic Party and its disturbing preference for elevating the demands of illegal aliens, so-called "dreamers," above the needs of American citizens.

Americans do have dreams too, and it's about time an American president said so.

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