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Fund: Levin has been ‘vindicated’

Conservative Review

As more and more comes out about the Obama Justice Department’s activities surrounding the 2016 campaign, LevinTV host Mark Levin is being vindicated at every step. Despite the Praetorian Guard media, like Brian Stelter, continuing to run cover for corrupt officials, there is no denying that Levin was right over a year ago. That’s the conclusion of National Review’s John Fund.

On Sunday, Fund wrote about how the media only report on “one collusion story.” It’s a brutal takedown of folks like Stelter who rush to the defense of anyone and anything investigating the president, even when shown facts that don’t support their position.  As an example, Fund writes:

But anyone who broaches the thought that there might be two stories relating to 2016 campaign skullduggery rather than just one is viciously attacked. When radio and TV host Mark Levin stitched together mainstream-media reports to allege that FISA-court warrants had been sought by the Justice Department to investigate Team Trump, he was branded a conspiracy theorist by Trump critics. He has since been vindicated.

Fund is exactly right. Levin, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, and others have been exposing what Fund calls “inconvenient facts” for over a year. Each time they do so, Stelter and those like him have rushed to brand them as “Trump supporters,” “friendly media,” or “conspiracy theorists.”

It seems more and more that once we know the full facts, it is the media who’s going to be left holding the bag for a corrupt law-enforcement and intelligence regime.

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