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Getting impeached by this band of miscreants is a badge of honor for President Trump

Conservative Review

As Americans, we should view getting impeached by this band of crazed lunatics and morally corrupt miscreants as a badge of honor for President Trump.

If the man was ineffective at thwarting the destroyers of this nation, they wouldn’t go to these lengths. Even more vexing for the Democrats is that the group of people they have claimed to fight for most in the past has joined with Trump.

Impeachment basically just means that the president has been charged with misconduct. But he has been charged with misconduct by death merchants and destroyers of liberty, and that sits just fine with me.

The Democratic Party used to stand for the so-called little guy, the working poor who tries but fails to get ahead. That’s all changed now. President Trump has taken that constituency away from the Democrats and opened the eyes of a great many people who will never go back.

The great unwashed, the deplorables, the regular working man and woman in this nation who mostly live outside the cities, keeping our republic clicking along, paying taxes and raising families, are a curse to the perverse Democrats. Fine.

The Democrats are for the leech and the cheat now. They are for paying the lazy to not work. Their presidential candidates think everyone should get free money from the working man. Yet they charged our president with misconduct? Why should we be concerned?

The Democrats deny life, biology, God, defense, peace, and America itself. They are upside-down, backwards, and inside-out. They are not equipped to deal with a public who is informed and committed. They are consumed with fear, and they should be.

The Democrats have taken a tool given by the Founders and treated it with mockery. They will stop at nothing to dislodge Trump. Of course a man picked by the “hoi polloi” would be charged with misconduct; we all would. He is hated because he’s not one of them, which ought to make us all beam with pride over our support for him and his support for us.

The Democrats are systematically dismantling the greatest nation ever built. And it was built upon the idea that man has rights given to him by God, and no man can take them away. They cannot have their Utopia unless they destroy all of our rights. They cannot have an informed public, well taught about how they operate. They cannot allow regular Americans to make decisions on their own. They strive to detach us from our God, our love for our nation, and our independence. What they are doing to our president is small next to what they’d like to do to us.

Every American must make it his mission to stop these destroyers from getting power. They’ve declared war on the American patriot. We must organize and politically destroy them.

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