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Giuliani says Mueller has admitted what Mark Levin has said for a year

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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump's attorney Rudi Giuliani made headlines after telling Fox News that special counsel Robert Mueller has told the president's legal team that he cannot indict President Trump.

Giuliani later told CNN that "all they get to do is write a report," because the Mueller probe acknowledges that Department of Justice guidelines state that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

If this argument sounds familiar, it's because this is the case LevinTV host Mark Levin has been making for a nearly year now. Eleven months ago, Levin explained to listeners of his syndicated radio program that Department of Justice guidelines issued during the Nixon administration and reaffirmed during the Clinton administration conclude that indicting a president would create an unconstitutional burden on the executive branch's ability to carry out its duties.

“So all this talk about whether Trump personally is under investigation for obstruction of justice, or whether Trump violated the law, it will never go to court … if Robert Mueller should seek to indict Trump, a sitting president, in the end the Supreme Court would throw it out,” Levin said at the time.

He went on to repeat this point again, and again, and again. Now it seems Mueller has finally acknowledged what Levin has been saying for a year: that his probe would never result in an indictment of President Trump on charges of obstructing justice.

And now, accordingly, the focus has changed. As CNN the Mueller probe's cheer squad on cable television, CNN, now reports, "A lack of an indictment would not necessarily mean the President is in the clear. Mueller could issue a report making referrals or recommendations to the House of Representatives." (Emphasis added.)

For nearly a year now, there has been constant speculation about whether or not Mueller would indict Trump. All the while, as Levin showed, he never had the power. Now that Mueller reportedly acknowledges he doesn't have the power, the speculation becomes, "What does he report to Congress?"

And this report, as Levin has also argued for nearly a year, will be a case for impeachment handed to congressional Democrats, to be used to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump if they take control of the House of Representatives in 2018.

This was always the plan, and if you were paying attention, you heard it from Mark Levin first.

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