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Government data shows the entire ‘family separation’ crisis was built of lies

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Now that the truth has come out about separating families at the border, the media has lost interest in the story and is on to the next hotness. It turns out that the people for whom they created biblical levels of sanctimony self-separated from their own kids while empowering drug smugglers to kill people in our country.

Rather than marshalling all its limited resources to deal with the drug cartels, gangs, and special interest aliens (SIAs) at our border and in the interior, the Department of Homeland Security has been forced to consume its resources and give almost daily updates to the new commander in chief, San Diego Judge Dana Sabraw. He now controls our border policy and the cascading effects of devastating social and economic ills perpetrated against the country as a result of the incentives he has created to promote catch-and-release.

It turns out many parents are smugglers and don’t want reunification  

Through the process of reporting back to Sabraw, the DHS produced a memo breaking down the number of children reunited with parents. The data shows that of the 2,551 adults who were recently separated from children age five and older at the border, 917 are “either not, or not yet known to be eligible, for reunification;” 130 waived their right to be reunited because they wanted their children to get refugee status; and for 463, “case notes indicated adult is not in U.S., under review.” This likely means that in addition to the 130 who didn’t seem to care about reuniting with their children, an additional 463 left the country without explicitly waiving their right of reunification, but still left their kids behind.

What gives?

The media has lied to us from day one. To begin with, 80 percent of the children who have crossed over since 2014 are not with parents but are unaccompanied. Only 20 percent come with parents. Either way, almost all of them have been resettled with illegal in-laws or aunts and uncles as well as parents who successfully evaded the border patrol over the years and have settled in the country illegally. This phenomenon violates the whole purpose of the unaccompanied child law, which was to combat human smuggling, not complete that conspiracy of smuggling by delivering the children into the hands of other illegal aliens.

In other words, the illegals are self-separating from their kids either by sending them here first and smuggling them to illegal relatives in America, or by abandoning their kids in Central America and coming here first, sending money back, and then paying coyotes to bring them here over time.

In the case of the family units coming together, their optimal goal is to evade the border patrol or sometimes surrender themselves and get paroled into the country. But now that Trump is clamping down on the parents, they choose the next best outcome, which is to at least let their kids stay here with other illegal relatives.

These judges are the biggest enablers of the drug cartels and “opioid” crisis

Now we are going to shoulder the burden of schooling these kids. And what happens when they get older? We need not speculate. There’s a reason why Long Island and Maryland have had problems with gangs in schools since 2014. Several hundred thousand of these “children” have been placed in our communities, by no fault of the American taxpayer, and we are forced to pay for the noose to hang ourselves with. The drug cartels got the proceeds from the smuggling, used the UACs as drug mules, and in recent years have used these families as diversions while they bring in the drugs, gangs, and Middle Easterners.

As Judge Andrew Hanen said of this phenomenon in 2013, it “successfully complet[ed] the mission of the criminal conspiracy” of drug smugglers to smuggle people over the border on behalf of parents “at significant expense” to taxpayers.

Earlier this week, the Washington Examiner quoted from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan observing that the cartels “use families and children to tie up Border Patrol resources while they bring narcotics through an adjacent point of the border.” This is exactly why the drug crisis spiraled out of control beginning with the border surge in 2014. It echoes similar comments made to me by Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol Council, on how the Central Americans serve as the forward guard for drug smuggling.

In 2007, 5,171 people claimed credible fear in order to get asylum. In 2016, it was 91,786. That is your drug crisis right there. And the irony is that, over the same time, violence in Central America dropped by 30 percent, which shows that this is all a fraud being perpetrated on Americans on our dime. Oh, and 73 percent of the migrants in fiscal year 2017 were male , which doesn’t exactly reflect a reality of fleeing from violence. Sounds similar to what’s going on in Europe, huh?

Drug mules, most of whom are male, have been bringing in record levels of drugs, primarily in the Rio Grande Sector, the area responsible for the most Central American illegal migration of all non-border crossings. CBP has already seized more fentanyl in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2018 than all of 2017, which in itself saw a massive increase in importation of fentanyl and meth over previous years.

Phony asylum policies allow in dangerous Middle Easterners

It gets worse.

While the flood of asylum-seekers is providing the smugglers with the perfect tactic to bring in drugs and MS-13, they have also helped the uptick of special interest aliens (SIAs) coming across the border. These are individuals from 35 countries that “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations,” aka from the Middle East. They often pay up to $30,000 to come across. You better believe the cartels are going to ensure they get in. In recent years, thanks to the border surge, several hundred Bangladeshis have come through, primarily in the Laredo sector. How many more have we not apprehended?

As Joseph Humire of the Center for a Secure Free Society said on my podcast yesterday, Venezuela and Nicaragua, with their ties to Iran, Russia, and China, are serving as hubs for Middle Easterners to come over, get false documents, and move on to Guatemala. The latter country has served as a bottleneck for many of the SIAs and has created security problems for our embassy in Guatemala City.

According to Humire, several hundred thousand Middle Easterners have been placed in Venezuela’s immigration system, and many of traveled to Nicaragua, which is on the verge of collapsing. Tareck El Aissami, former interior minister of Venezuela, has been sanctioned by the Treasury Department for giving terrorists identification and helping facilitate the immigration-crime pipeline headed north.

And what about those Bangladeshis coming here? Humire tells me many of them speak Farsi and were given false documents.

All of this is leaving us vulnerable because of a lie. A lie about asylum and separating families is preventing us from finally de-magnetizing our border. So when a bomb goes off in a major city, set by a terrorist who came in over the southern border, we can thank the people virtue-signaling on behalf of invaders.

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