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Here are 19 congressional Democrats and one socialist who must put up or shut up about making tax cuts permanent

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The House Ways and Means Committee will vote Thursday on a package of bills nicknamed “Tax Reform 2.0.”

Among the other provisions, which include making things easier on startups and small businesses, the big thing is that the legislation makes the current individual tax cuts permanent, instead of expiring in 2026 under the current policy.

As you probably remember, after a barrage of wild and hysterical arguments against letting people keep their own money didn’t do the trick, several Democrats switched gears and began to oppose the cuts because they didn’t last long enough.

But in case anyone forgot exactly who is on the hook now, here’s a list of left-side incumbents and candidates for Congress who have criticized the temporary nature of the tax cuts since their passage last December:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is responsible for probably the most famous use of the talking point:

But many of his Democratic fellow senators echoed it as well.

And then there were their colleagues over in the House.

So that’s at least 20 sitting Democrats and one socialist who have criticized the temporary nature of the tax cuts. And a lot of Democratic candidates in this election year have brought up this particular concern as well.

With all these Democrats eager to make the tax cuts permanent, that should be enough to get the measure to President Trump’s desk on a truly bipartisan basis. That is, unless those complaints were all just a dishonest, partisan talking point all along.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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