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Here’s Dem Kyrsten Sinema’s non-apology apology ad for those ‘crazy’ and ‘meth lab’ comments

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Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema’s new ad looks like a vague non-apology for offensive comments she made about her state and its voters. Following damning videos of Sinema that surfaced last week, the Arizona candidate is out with a new ad calling Arizona “the best state in the country.”

In the ad, titled “Go Forward,” Sinema touts her love for the state and her Arizona heritage, starting off by saying, “I was born in the desert.” Last week, old videos surfaced of Sinema bashing her home state, calling it “crazy” in one and “the meth lab of Democracy” in another.

The slickly produced video also doubles down on Sinema’s appeal to voters as a “centrist” candidate, saying, “Arizonans deserve a senator who just solves problems, not in a Republican way or a Democratic way, but just solves the problems.”

[youtube expand=1]

While the ad looks like an obvious non-apology apology to the Arizona citizens Sinema insulted a few years back, at least it was a far more subtle rebuttal ad than Christine O’Donnell’s now-infamous “I’m not a witch” spot.

Now the question is, with just three weeks left before the polls open, whether or not Arizona voters put off by Sinema’s unvarnished comments will find the ad compelling enough to change their minds.

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