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Here's the latest dumb "argument" to ridicule defending schools

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Here's a dumb argument.

President Trump and LevinTV host Mark Levin have both proposed permitting teachers to carry firearms as a measure that would make schools safer by giving school officials the means to defend themselves from a shooter. This idea is being roundly criticized by the Left and the media, who are cherry-picking experts to slam the idea with terms like "colossally stupid."

Never mind that "dozens" of schools, according to the New York Times, have introduced pilot programs in which "select teachers are trained and armed." These programs haven't endangered students. They're worth considering. But the Left doesn't want to have a discussion — the CNN town hall in which Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch were repeatedly shouted down proved that. The Left wants to ban guns, and so leftists are seizing opportunities to ridicule any idea or proposal that does not reflect their anti-gun agenda.

The latest variation of this argument that allowing teachers to carry guns is "stupid" comes after news that the armed sheriff's deputy assigned to protect Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School "never went in" to confront the shooter. The Miami Herald reports that the school campus cop "heard the gunfire and rushed to the building but never went inside — instead waiting outside for another four agonizing minutes" as the shooter murdered 17 people. It's unclear why the officer, who has since resigned and retired, failed to do his duty.

President Trump was asked if this story about the deputy gave him "pause" Friday, and he speculated that "they didn't react properly under pressure or the were a coward."

Why should the president "pause" at this story? Because he wants teachers permitted to carry guns, and some verified Twitter "experts" are using the officer's failure to declare, "AHA! If an armed police officer froze when confronted with a shooter, how can you expect a teacher to do better?"

When any individual faces a crisis, it's impossible to know how he or she will perform until the heat of the moment. The school resource officer was armed and seems to have frozen. If some teachers were armed, maybe some would freeze too. But maybe others would not, and this is why this talking point from the Left fails.

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, there was only one armed protector, and he failed to protect those students. If there had been another armed protector, maybe a few more kids would be alive today. Maybe the shooter would have been stopped before he was able to kill people. These are possibilities. The only certainty is that after law enforcement failed, there was no one with a gun in that school, and 17 people died.

This is why the Second Amendment exists. Its purpose is not to give individuals a license to kill, but rather to empower all Americans to protect themselves and their loved ones with the tools needed to stop a killer.

Perhaps allowing teachers to be armed isn't a good idea. Maybe we should hire armed security. Maybe local communities should increase police presence near schools. Lockdown drills, more counseling resources for troubled or at-risk kids, and better social services can all be a part of a larger discussion about securing schools and preventing the next shooting.

But we will never have that discussion if the Left and the media shut it down with ridicule as they push for policies to disarm Americans and take away liberty.

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