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Horowitz: As cops arrest moms at playgrounds in Idaho, burglaries surge in New York

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“Arrest moms, not muggers,” appears to be the new mantra of our illegitimate governing overlords.

“It’s frustrating,” said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on 1010 WINS this morning. “The cops are out there making arrests for these burglaries. With the existing law, what’s happening is the individuals are being released immediately and that’s something that ultimately in the end will have to be fixed.”

According to the latest CompStat data from NYPD, burglaries are up 36.3 percent during the third week in April relative to this time last year. That number is simply astounding given the complete shutdown of outside activity and the universal fear of catching the virus, especially in a place like New York City. One would expect crime to drop 80-90 percent at a time like this. Yet murder and grand larceny auto have also risen sharply.

Behold the power of jailbreak. Mayor Bill de Blasio has released thousands of career criminals, and they know they will not be reincarcerated now if they commit crimes like burglary and theft. Now, in New York, DeBlasio would like you to know that if you open up your shop, you will face prison time, but if you burglarize the shop, you won’t. That’s why commercial burglaries have risen by 75 percent since the start of the crisis.

De Blasio became a national laughingstock when he appeared shocked that released criminals are reoffending.

According to the New York Post, of the more than 1,500 inmates who have been released from city jails by de Blasio, at least 50 of those have already landed back in jail. Those were the really bad ones who actually met the threshold of serious crime even in New York. Nationwide, at least 16,600 criminals have been released as of last week, with the numbers accelerating every day. It’s as if now the only serious crime, by the ruling class’s standards, is violating the unconstitutional lockdown orders built on faulty science.

Not only are these same governments violating constitutional rights and criminalizing peaceful Americans, but they are encouraging citizens to snitch on one another. “And now, it's as simple as taking a photo. All you've got to do is take the photo and put the location with it, and bang, send a photo like this and we will make sure that enforcement comes right away,” said de Blasio last Saturday.

Yet if you were to take a picture of a burglar and send it to the police, their hands are tied.

Suddenly, this beaten-down force of New York cops who get water dumped on them by known gang members and sucker-punched, yet sit back helplessly, seems to become a powerful juggernaut when it comes to social distancing violations.

What we have in New York and throughout the country, including in alleged red states, is the breakdown of the social contract of government, as established in our Declaration of Independence. The governments are failing to do their most vital job of protecting us from violent criminals and are instead treating everyday Americans like prisoners. They are releasing criminals who were convicted with an abundance of due process (well beyond what our Founders required in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments), but stripping Americans of every fundamental right without due process, oversight, evidence, or checks and balances.

While peaceful citizens are now being surveilled and monitored through compromised Chinese drones, medical surveillance programs, and even ankle monitors for quarantine, criminals who are released and cut off their ankle monitors are being freed. Amidst the worst meth crisis ever, Rasedur Raihan, 22, an accused meth trafficker, was set free by a Queens judge in March. Within 24 hours, he cut off his ankle bracelet but was freed again.

We all watched horrified as a nation last week when Martha Toscano, 60, a hero nurse who survived the virus, was beaten by a group of 15 “youth” thugs on her way to treating patients. Raise your hand if you think those fiends will serve as much time in prison as those caught using a playground or not wearing masks. In many ways, Martha Toscano represents all of us, as the victims of the most perverse mix of government policies imaginable: Tyranny for us mixed with anarchy for criminals.

If our governments are going to turn their relationship with the citizenry into that of the Chinese communists, can we at least also follow their lead on dealing with criminals?

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