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Horowitz: More sex offenders released nationwide as peaceful Americans arrested

Horowitz: More sex offenders released nationwide as peaceful Americans arrested

Does Bill de Blasio find it “unconscionable” that an accused rapist released from jail would try to rape again?

Among the thousands of criminals released by the New York mayor thanks to politically motivated “science” was Robert Pondexter, 57. Putting aside even the veneer of limiting the jailbreak to “low-level” criminals, Pondexter was released on April 15 even though he had a prior rape charge on his rap sheet. On Saturday, just 10 days later, Pondexter was arrested and charged with sexual assault and attempted rape. He allegedly grabbed a random stranger by the shirt collar, forced her to perform a sexual act, and then tried to rape her, but she was able to escape.

Pondexter was last in jail at Rikers Island on a parole violation charge. These governors and mayors are making parole violations low-level crimes with no regard for their past histories. We saw this last month when New York Gov. Cuomo released eight high-level sex offenders in Monroe County because they were “only” in prison at that time for parole violations.

Crime has skyrocketed in parts of New York, with auto theft up 63 percent and commercial burglaries up 75 percent: a very logical outcome to an illogical policy.

Across the country in Washington state, the residents of the Evergreen State dodged a bullet when the state’s supreme court rebuffed an attempt to release 12,000 criminals, including notorious mass murderers. The liberal jailbreak group suing for release lost by just one vote in the 5-4 decision. However, what the Left failed to accomplish through the judiciary, Gov. Jay Inslee is doing without a lawsuit.

According to KTTH’s Jason Rantz, the Department of Corrections (DOC) lists a sex offender and eight gang members among those slated to be released. Milo M. McCune “was caught exposing himself to a group of children near Regal Elementary,” according to local media, but will now be released due to concerns of social distancing in prison! Again, as in New York, Washington is not considering McCune violent because his latest stint in prison was for issuing a death threat! Also, just three months before, he failed to register as a sex offender after a child rape conviction.

Inslee is commuting a lot of these sentences. Other governors claim these measures are temporary, but nobody believes they will be re-incarcerated, given that most of these governors are motivated by jailbreak, not science, and therefore view jailbreak as a necessary virtue, not even a necessary evil.

In reality, the entire premise of coronavirus jailbreak is circular logic at its finest. Thanks to numerous serology tests, we now know that this disease has spread far and wide and that most people are asymptomatic. We also know the fatality rate is low. The ACLU and other leftist groups claim if prisoners are not released, they will die because this will spread like wildfire in the prisons and create “viral explosions” in “petri dishes.”

But here’s the circular logic. In reality, if it is that contagious and transmits so quickly in prison, it means this disease has already spread like wildfire for months, so there is no purpose to releasing them now. We saw a similar dynamic aboard naval ships, where a large percentage of the crew on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt contracted the virus, but only one of a thousand died. Criminals have no greater entitlement to protection against the virus than other Americans or military members.

Also, there is actually a greater risk that they will spread the disease outside prison. Most of them are still not being tested before release, but the majority of this predominantly younger population would be asymptomatic. According to Reuters, a recent tally of 3,277 inmates in state prison systems in Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia who had tested positive for the virus showed that 96 percent of them were asymptomatic. Why remove them from a place where the virus already spread so they could spread it elsewhere? Prison is the ultimate shelter-in-place.

Moreover, as Sean Kennedy writes in the Washington Post, prisoners are actually likely to get better care in prison:

The support services that these ex-prisoners need — such as Medicaid, substance abuse clinics and government assistance offices — are all but closed. When proper protocols are implemented and equipment is furnished, prisons and jails can provide sanitation, medical care and monitoring services more effectively than these releasees could receive outside the walls. They often already have ready procedures — rotating meal times, cell lockdowns and protective equipment and sanitation — available for the health and security of inmates and staff alike.

Finally, if these people can’t abide by simple laws of morality, do you really think they will abide by the much-vaunted social distancing edicts? The same politicians harshly enforcing unconstitutional edicts against peaceful Americans under the new American religion of social distancing have no problem releasing sex offenders and gang-bangers.

Yet the entire pseudo-science guiding these policies is designed to achieve these very perverse and immoral outcomes – criminalizing civil rights and economic activity while protecting violent criminals and illegal aliens.

Gov. Jay Inslee is one of the most notorious sanctuary governors, openly and illegally flouting ironclad federal power to enforce national sovereignty. Perversely, this same man is now incredulous that some county sheriffs will serve as sanctuaries for peaceful Americans and refuse to enforce his unconstitutional restrictions on civil liberties.

“For whatever talent they have, they just are not given that right in our democracy to make a decision about the Constitution,” said Inslee in response to two sheriffs who said they would not enforce his house arrest edict.

A sanctuary for illegal aliens, but not for Americans.

Just whose country is this, anyway?

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