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Ignoring Antifa is caving to the Left’s demands. Don’t.

Conservative Review

Prominent members of the Republican Party, and far too many in the conservative movement, are playing into the hands of the Alt-“Right” and the radical Left in their well-intentioned, but ultimately misguided reactions to President Trump’s Tuesday press conference.

To be sure, the president should be heavily criticized for his oft-confusing and cringe-inducing excuses for neglecting to condemn the violent groups by name immediately. In particular, the point the president made about “fine people on both sides” when the sides were neo-Nazis and Antifa anarchists was sloppy and ill-conceived.

Obviously, there are decent people of every creed and color who believe it is wrong to remove Confederate statues, but the angry white boys waving tiki torches and chanting “blood and soil” have no claim to decency. Their racism is vile, and evil.

The Alt-“Right” bears responsibility for the worst of the violence — the terror attack allegedly perpetrated by James Alex Fields Jr., a neo-Nazi. But the evil racists were not the only ones contributing to the violence in Charlottesville Saturday, and does not absolve the evil actions of Antifa — the notoriously violent “anti-fascists” garbed in black masks, armed with clubs and pepper spray.

President Trump made this point on Saturday, on Monday, and on Tuesday, condemning “both sides” for the despicable breakdown of civil society. For this, the president was blasted by several prominent Republicans, and conservatives in the media. Astonishingly, some even defended Antifa as “counter-protesters,” defining their cause as opposing bigotry.  

Are these Republicans and others ignorant of what Antifa is? Antifa, short for “anti-fascism,” is the guise under which a collective of self-described anarchists, socialists, communists, and other disparate factions of the far-Left band together anonymously to use violence and intimidation to silence their political opponents. They have as their goal the destruction of the civil society.

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