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Israel finds Lebanon enviro NGO is front for Hezbollah terror org

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The state of Israel has produced an intelligence report claiming that a Lebanon-based environmental NGO is actually a front group for the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Hezbollah, the U.S.-designated terrorist organization that controls most of southern Lebanon, is a proxy group subservient to the regime in Iran. Hezbollah has long called for the destruction of Israel, and for the killing of Jews worldwide.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, Hezbollah operates under the cover of an environmentalist organization called “Green Without Borders” to avoid scrutiny from U.N. peacekeepers stationed in the area.

“Recent IDF intelligence has found Hezbollah operating out of outposts marked with the logo of Green Without Borders – an organization supposedly working to protect Lebanon’s environment by planting trees,” the IDF claims.

“According to the intelligence, the organization’s activities is defined and partially funded by Hezbollah. As of now, the organization has established several outposts used by Hezbollah in the Western sector of the Israel-Lebanon border.”

Additionally, the IDF has released video showcasing how Hezbollah operatives are setting up the observation towers.

There are very few English news reports highlighting the work of a “Green Without Borders” group in Lebanon. However, one such 2014 article from Lebanon’s Daily Star, headlined “Project aims to plant a million trees in south Lebanon,” discusses the organization’s supposed environmental activities.

The Daily Star notes that the group is part of a conglomerate of organizations with a stated goal of making “environmentalism a higher-profile issue among civil society groups, unions and municipalities.”

The report adds that the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by two members of Hezbollah in the Lebanon parliament.

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