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Jim Jordan: Rosenstein is 'obligated' to testify before Congress

Conservative Review

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, expressed frustration with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in an interview with Fox News Thursday, criticizing Rosenstein for taking an interview with the Wall Street Journal while refusing to testify to Congress about statements he made about secretly recording President Donald Trump.

Jordan said Rosenstein was "obligated" to testify to Congress under oath.

"He can't come talk to Congress about the idea that he made a statement about recording the president of the United States? Remember, Rosenstein is the guy who picked Mueller in the first place," Jordan said. "So, that to me is the most frustrating part."

"Rod Rosenstein, you've got time for an interview where you say the Mueller investigation is appropriate and independent, but you can't answer Congress' questions?"

"The fact that Rod Rosenstein was a no-show last week is something that is just not right," Jordan said. "He is obligated, as a guy who was Senate-confirmed. When the chairman of the committee that has jurisdiction over your agency asks you to come to Congress and testify, you are obligated to do that and you're supposed to do it under oath, and he was a no-show, yet he's got time to talk to the press about the Mueller investigation."

"Give me a break."

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