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Judge stuns America, releases all five N.M. compound suspects without bail money

Conservative Review

A New Mexico judge has granted bail to the five adults suspected of setting up an Islamic extremist compound in the state, igniting backlash and outrage throughout the nation.

New Mexico Judge Sarah Backus released the suspects on signature bond (meaning they didn’t even have to pay the $20,000 bail money), after she apparently determined that prosecutors did not present “clear and convincing evidence” that they were a threat to the community.

The judge appears to have entirely disregarded the fact that a dead toddler was found on the premises. Prosecutors have argued that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the son of a Brooklyn, New York-based radical imam, killed his own son while attempting to perform a fundamentalist ritual on him.

The ritual appears to have represented an attempt to fulfil apocalyptic radical Islamic prophecies that have been popularized by jihadist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. An FBI agent testified that Wahhaj was trying to reincarnate his son as the Muslim version of Jesus, so that he could lead violent attacks on “corrupt institutions” such as schools and banks.

“Jany [Leville, one of the five suspects] had a message from God that they needed to leave and head to New Mexico and that Abdul Wahhaj, once the demons were expelled from his body through religious rituals, that he would become Jesus and once he became Jesus he would instruct the others on the property, the family, what corrupt institutions to get rid of,” testified FBI agent Travis Taylor, who interviewed some of the children being forced to live on the compound.

Moreover, prosecutors allege that those at the compound were working to turn children into Islamic extremist school shooters. Authorities found countless weapons, ammunition, and Qurans at the New Mexico compound. They also found that a tunnel network had been dug around the facility.

The fact that the five Islamic extremists put 11 children in immediate danger and the allegations that they were training them for a terrorist attack don’t appear to have bothered the judge. She appeared more worried about “Islamophobia.”

The outrage over the judge’s ruling has unfortunately led some to lash out at the judge herself. Following Judge Backus’ ruling, she received several threatening calls and emails, according to the state court system, prompting officials to shut down the courthouse for the day.

Now, the five alleged terror plotters and alleged murderers are free (with court restrictions such as GPS monitoring imposed), pending trial.

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