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La. Sen. John Kennedy on the Swamp class: ‘They think that they’re smarter than the rest of America'

Conservative Review

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., isn't listening to the Swamp class about Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

When asked by a reporter about the possible implications of the Kavanaugh controversy for female voters in the election this November, the senator had this to say:

“Let me tell you the problem with Washington, D.C. And I’m talking about the people in Washington, D.C., who consider themselves sophisticated, cosmopolitan; they live in the condos with the high ceilings and the important art on the wall.

“They think that they’re smarter than the rest of America, and they’re clueless. The American people will figure this out for themselves. Some will believe Judge Kavanaugh; some will believe Dr. Ford.”

When asked if he thinks that more men would believe Kavanaugh than women, Kennedy responded “I don’t know. I just trust their judgment.”

“Will it be a factor in the midterms? Maybe,” he continued, but he wasn’t yet finished calling out the D.C. Swamp’s detachment from reality.

“The culturally cosmopolitan crowd up here in suck-up city is always trying to outsmart the American people. They think they’re so much smarter than the American people that they’re clairvoyant. And I listen to all the experts on television telling me what’s going to happen in the midterms. It’s been my experience that the experts are almost always wrong.”

When so many on Capitol Hill seem to set their watches by what the D.C. consultant class has to say or on what the mainstream media might write about them the next day, Kennedy's words were refreshing, to say the very least.

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