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Laughing my Ossoff: Loser teaches Resistance how to win elections

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On June 20, Democrat Jon Ossoff lost a special election to replace Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price in the House of Representatives. He lost this race despite spending record amounts of money. With basically the entire national Democratic political apparatus behind him, Ossoff handily lost the seat. Now, he’s going to be teaching other Democrats how to win elections.

No, really.

Ossoff is on a panel: “Leaving it all on the field: the midterm elections in the resistance era.” The panel is at the annual Netroots conference this weekend. But Ossoff’s advice isn’t limited to just this conference. Late last month he penned an op-ed for the Washington Post about how Democrats can win.

The Ossoff campaign was the best the Democrats could do in a district with changing demographics that the pundits thought was going to switch from GOP to Democrat. As Ossoff writes in the Post, the entire national apparatus put aside differences and still could not win. But he’s now the one who is going to teach Democrats how to win, in the “resistance era.”

Unfortunately for the so-called resistance, it isn’t going to have much of a shot. This is true whether progressives follow the Ossoff formula for losing or not.

This past week, FiveThirtyEight published an article entitled: “The Congressional Map Has a Record-Setting Bias Against Democrats.” The article explains that despite the normal progressive excuse of gerrymandering, the party’s problem goes far beyond that. Demographic shifts have seen core Democratic constituencies coalescing in very few states, most notably California and New York. Because of this, Republicans have demographic advantages in a majority of the states, statewide, where gerrymandering is not an issue.

Nowhere is the Democrats’ weakness at state elections more notable than in governorships, where their party holds only 16 offices. Gerrymandering is a convenient excuse for progressives to hide behind while their policies are rejected all across the country.

The so-called resistance is going to have a dramatically tough time selling its socialist utopia vision to America. It will be an even harder time if leftists take the advice of the losing Jon Ossoff. For the future of the nation, let’s hope they take as much of Ossoff’s advice this weekend as possible.

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