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'Learn to read in your gap year, kid': Doofus David Hogg calls for Nikki Haley's resignation after debunked NYT story

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Parkland activist and known ignoramus David Hogg wants the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. to "resign immediately" after he read the bogus and debunked headline from a New York Times hit piece.

The New York Times headline alleged that Haley paid tens of thousands of dollars for curtains in her official State Department residence — except the Times story quoted a Haley spokesperson who said the Obama administration made the purchase and Haley had nothing to do with it.

Did Hogg pay attention to that fact? Nope:

The Washington Examiner's Siraj Hashmi had to explain what the article Hogg cited actually said.

Maybe if Hogg had spent his senior year at Parkland's school instead of touring the country to push for gun control, he might've learned to read.

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