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Levin: Americans will support Trump if he delivers THIS speech on border security

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin suggested that President Trump shut down the government over the issue of the migrant caravan attempting to illegally enter the country at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Levin explained that the only people who should be concerned about a government shutdown are the Democrats. "Who is it that has built this massive leviathan, this big government? Of course the Republicans have too, but who really is invested in this? The Democrats, right? The Left, right? And yet they're the ones who keep threatening to shut down the government and blame the president of the United States. ... Every time the government is shut down under a Republican president, or with the leadership of Republicans in Congress, we gain seats."

He also urged the president to address the American people regarding this issue.

"It's time for a very thoughtful, compelling address to the nation ... in which you, Mr. President, you take the high road and allow the media to keep biting at your heels like Chihuahuas. And explain to the American people that the Democrats simply will not help you secure the border, that the Democrats simply will not help you prevent illegal aliens from pouring into the country, many of whom are violent criminals. And that you have a responsibility as the commander in chief to protect this nation. And because the Democrats don't take their equal responsibility of funding this as seriously as you do, that this is the only way that you have, as constitutional matter, to force the issue," Levin said.


"The American people will support the president on this if it is well articulated and well considered. Don't shoot from the hip," he said.

"We still have time to act, and we should."

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