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Levin: Does it sound like the media elites give a damn about Florence?

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin roasted CNN for continuing to make Trump the center of its Hurricane Florence coverage, rather than actually reporting about the impending natural disaster.

Levin emphasized that these "outrageous" focused attacks by the media detract from the Americans doing the actual work to prepare for the hurricane, while the media makes it political.

"We have men and women, all across this country, some of whom volunteer, some of whom are first-line responders, who put their lives on the line to swing into action when there is a disaster, natural or man-made. And you can watch cable TV as I speak, and it's all about Donald Trump. ... The media starts these issues; the president responds to them ... and then they attack him," Levin said.


"We have fellow Americans who are losing everything, fellow Americans who may die. Does it sound like Washington, D.C., and the media there, does it sound like New York City and the media there, does it sound like they really give a damn? It's politics all the time and left-wing politics all the time. It is shameless, absolutely shameless. ... Who started this? Who's dragging this nation down each and every day? It's these leftists, dressed up as reporters and journalists," Levin said.

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