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Levin exposes how the media manufactures fake controversies surrounding President Trump

Conservative Review

On his radio show Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin exposed how the media generates fake controversies involving the president, with the purpose of dividing the country and falsely casting the president as a racist or another negative label.

Levin showed how the media attempted to bait President Trump into saying things about Meghan Markle, the anti-Trump actress and wife of Britain's Prince Harry. He then explained how outlets such as CNN manufactured a controversy after President Trump described her attacks on him as “nasty” remarks.

“Now what is all this? … It’s a pseudo-event. It’s a manufactured story, the purpose of which is to damage the president. It’s endless, these manufactured stories. The president calls it fake news. That’s what it is. It is a pseudo-event. A non-issue. Manufactured, that they press as news. It has nothing to do with reality. Nothing to do with fact. It doesn’t matter.” 


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