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Levin: House Democrats are 'the opposition research arm' for a future Democrat candidate

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told listeners that the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit claiming Trump violated the Emoluments Clause — a clause meant to prevent presidents and other public officials from being beholden to foreign governments — because he built a hotel frequented by foreign diplomats.

Also, the state senate in New York has passed an unconstitutional bill of attainder (a law aimed at one individual), which if passed will turn over the president's state tax returns to Congress, Levin said.

"You have the Democrat Party at the federal and state levels, working together, hand in glove, to bring down this president. ... You look at the House of Representatives: The Democrat Party has basically hijacked the House of Representatives as a tool, not to comply with constitutional activities like passing legislation and budgets and spending — no. Six House committees are dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump. Six of them. Scores and scores of subpoenas filed. Not about the president's official conduct, not about his conduct as president, but demanding his personal financial information. Demanding to know about his bank accounts, demanding his tax returns, demanding information from his accountants — emails, texts, letters, and on and on and on. ... You think this is by coincidence that Maryland and D.C. and New York and these committees are doing what they're doing?" Levin said.


"This is diabolical. Diabolical. Collusion, special counsel, contempt, obstruction, impeachment, tax returns, bank accounts, constitutional crisis, self-impeachment, inherent contempt: We've heard it all. They've talked about jailing the attorney general of the United States. They've talked about jailing the treasury secretary of the United States. Now they've talked about jailing the president's son, Donald Trump Jr.," Levin said.

"Donald Trump is the victim. We talk about the 'deep state.' It's not the 'deep state.' These people are the police state. ... We have a full-scale coup attempt, the evisceration of our constitutional structure, and the very people behind this — now led by Nancy Pelosi — claim that it is they who are defending the Constitution. See how it works? ... She's a disgrace. The Democrat majority in the House of Representatives is not following its constitutional responsibility. It is the opposition research arm for a Democrat candidate who will eventually be selected  to run against Donald Trump, it's pure and simple. ... And anyone who gets in the way is going to be smeared."

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